Gospel 148 ~How Long That’s Will~

How long will I stay up tonight? How long do I have to write tonight? How long will any sex scenes be since I didn’t read any in Succubs Lord 6? Yet I’m only 15%, so yeah, they’re coming, one way or another. “How Long That’s Will”

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Gospel 148 ~How Long That’s Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now. I wonder how many billionaires were once porn stars or at least invested? I know there are some worth millions, but honest to God, I want to be the first billionaire with that on a resume. Hell, I’m getting my practice in these days. Of course, No Nut November is fucked between NaNoWriMo, Naps, and not wanting to go to the Day Job. Would you like to see me drinking, doing drugs, or dying at some point? Better to pay attention to my dick, so yeah, Six Impossible Things… NOT.

I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in… hell if I know. As I said, I’m working on NaNoWriMo these days. I fudge the numbers. And then, make them back up, and I’m going back and forth tonight whether I’ll write anything at all. This week is almost over SIGH. Of course, I’m staying up half the night checking out porn, which might affect the writing process. Now I get my rocks off, the words come easier, trading one release for another yep. But the time between them, like Dennis Hof, I go looking for the next one. To be honest, it’s the search that takes the hands off the clock because that can go on forever. Hell, much like my list of ladies in “Sinning The Cherry On Top.” Note I’m using the word HELL plenty, but I’m not kidding myself. It’s like I’m there, and I’m not masochistic.

So what would be my Heaven, you ask me? My writing name should be Will Longing, but my porn alias would be Will Longstroke. Yeah, I didn’t spend much time deciding. At least I did get my reading done of Succubus Lord 6 by Eric Vall. 15% still trailing. Strangely enough, if I were going to get into the holiday spirit, it would be with Christmas Erotica. I’ll finish this one last novel and then get into some winter cold warmed by bedroom antics. Oh, another thing, I should eat Thanksgiving dinner sometime tonight. One more excuse not to look in on the “shorties” in my life. I won’t mention one because I ain’t STUPID. I should get back to M Anime, as I’m still trying to work something out with her. In my novel, I added Maisie Williams (drooling).

Lusting after her and Sophie Turner. How Long That’s Will?

I Will Have No Fear

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