Gospel 212 ~On The “Will” Succubus~

NOTE I started writing this early in the morning and have only now gotten to posting. For those that don’t already know, my Dæmon is suffering from Renal Failure. I’m not sure if I’ll be up for writing. Okay, this is a mini-review for Succubus Lord 7

Friday, January 29, 2021

Gospel 212 ~On The “Will” Succubus~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but where was my call, text, email… Reddit? To think Lady Sophia, the things I do read, don’t want to, and glad I haven’t. At present, I’m still reading Succubus Lord 8 by Eric Vall. What, I can say that seeing as how I’ll be doing a “mini” review. Sorry to say I hate doing those kinds. I like talking to you, of course, but there’s so much going on. As I was saying, I don’t want to read my Dæmon’s vet bill. There’s been nothing with me and the lawman.

This has a long time coming both my thoughts on Succubus Lord and the series itself. Um, there are 18 of these novels, and the latest came out on January 22 of this year? Anyway, I want to talk about Succubus Lord 7, and well, I’m on 8 right now…

So long story short, Jacob Ralston and company are having a hell of a good time. In Hell? Is there nothing beautiful demon women and an imp sidekick can’t fix, hmm? Not in this universe.

Besides the sex and the jokes, they’re gearing up for a fight with Jacob’s arch-nemesis Azazel of the Fourth Circle.

You know you’ve been reading a series too long when the fight scenes come with your own internal soundtrack. Of course, it reminds me plenty of Succubus by A.J. Markham. That’s what is called a LitRPG. Only A.J. Markham lets you know it’s a game. Why no, I’m not looking up how to summon a Succubus; thank you, Eric Vall. Not that I regret the time at all watching, playing, dreaming but yeah, reading. Then ask me why only four-stars out of five? Why can’t I be like other “Nerds” or “Geeks” playing D&D or World of Warcraft? No offense.

It could be I’m picky, like any connoisseur of “adult narratives” in both visual and novel form. I suppose I get a tad bored, or it’s somewhat sophomoric, in my opinion. It’s not like I could do better. With all the highlights I made in the book, how dare I, right. I enjoy how educational it is… Well, I’ve learned

It’s Dante’s Inferno, to the fourth circle, and Greek stories with the grown-up stuff left in for us to enjoy.

Can I also mention the food? The author focuses on that with almost as much detail as the (more even) than the sex sometimes. Yep, Four stars for always having something down there rustling. Yay!

I Will Have No Fear

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