Lesson 062 ~Rome in A Day~

If it took God six days why am I in such a rush, blasphemous, yes perhaps but compared to other crimes I’m accused of or actually did I’m quite comfortable with this one, but not at how my world is looking so far. “Rome in A Day”, so much to be seen.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Lesson 062 ~Rome in A Day~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear and don’t be mad at me, disappointed for sure but not mad, maybe frustrated, but as they say, Rome was not built in a day and here I was trying for three hours maybe less but life happens. It could always be so much worse or so I was checking my stats from our former abode, whatever was I worried about but I should be if I’m going to get somewhere, being the boss *sigh*.

Let’s just say that today I got quite the lesson in fiction but I wonder how long it actually took to build Rome, no wonder Romans grew lazy after everything was said and done. As I said things can always be worse and I’m not burning down an empire, for now, I am attempting to build and you would think I have more than enough stones. Dare I call myself a prophet for yesterday, that was me in a rush and I’m still rushing but it’s going to take time.

Everything feels brand new, I mean I’m starting from scratch trying to learn the tricks of the trade and what about my considerable resources? We’re not in any danger and actually, I’m doing a pretty good thing today or maybe I’m just being an idiot; we’ll see, won’t we? I was telling “Indiana Gone” that I cannot be sitting here a year from now without making some serious strides, not even that do I step or do I leap forward?

“There are those who take steps, and those who make the great leap forward.
Those who stay as they are and those who become more than they ever thought possible.
They discover, explore, compete and are fearless.
There are those satisfied by common pursuits.
And those for whom the extraordinary will never be enough.
So ask yourself, will you step or will you leap?” Xbox One – E3 Jump Ahead

Today has been a leap and I’m still trying to calm myself down a bit but rule number three “now the real work begins” and I can’t let up, not even a little bit, not even at all but already I’m so tired. Will I replace fear for laziness, not at all Lady Lu, I swore that I’m going to do this and that is what is going to happen.

I make myself sound so serious don’t I but haven’t I been, even if I’ve been taking things a bit too seriously but that’s what it takes to be a man. I’m going to have to get used to this too, already we don’t have the whole day but of course, the news is, I got a real website now and whatever am I going to do with it now building Rome in A Day…

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