Lesson 197 ~A Five Star Life~

Never did I think that I would have as much as I do at this moment, it’s not five stars, but it is a place, it’s comfort, but I still can’t say it’s home, even now I can’t say that it’s my life either. “A Five Star Life,” how I’m trying so hard hmm..

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lesson 197 ~A Five Star Life~

To Will:
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, just something new I want you to try as you consider what kind of life you want, all five star and such. This week has been all about the numbers right, and you’ll have all week to not think about it, but maybe we should mention last week’s goal, while the past indeed continues to haunt us sadly.

1. You replaced the lightbulb
2. You gave it an honest try at work, “EVOLUTION” does not happen overnight
3. Somehow even Haley Pullos was not enough for you to unzip
4. Thinking is not writing
5. The blog is still somewhat in shambles, (more on that)
6. Talking to a female yes, but no potential bed buddies, no numbers

This week has been all about the numbers, whether it be banking, the hours you’re getting at work, Braxton’s two eyes, or days left with a friend amongst other things. Sleep is for winners, and if you’re going to be up all night long you might as well be doing something productive, idle hands you know, and these words are going to be your salvation, yeah I know, too tired to laugh if you could only cut that stuff out at work. Speaking of cutting things out, I hope you don’t repeat my “Nero” mistake from last night, remember how I said I Am Not Afraid Anymore, I’m going to need you to believe that, just like you have faith in taking that next breath. It was like something off of GTA, when crime nets you five stars, but it was worst back then six.

Remember the blog is still in shambles, and I moved all the work back to the old one, and then I was afraid, “she who would not be named” would see, and we would lose everything. Not to mention, cops, restraining orders, firings, bringing me back to absolute zero. The only zero is her, no more thoughts, no more time, no more cares, I mean no worries, three little birds, “Two Fux” and everything in-between. Will, you can’t afford to build an empire in minutes and then spend half the night burning it down to the ground for one bitch.

Maybe that should be this week’s goal, to not say one more word about some whack-ass, no-respect-giving bitch, I could continue and of course debate this, being the guy I am but that’s just it, you’re not me today. Every week the overall goal is for you to be a better man, to live a life worth having an may Braxton keep his two eyes and not go blind from Cataracts so he can see it one day not someday.

No more “she who will not be named” no more wasting time, you’ll have to work don’t you know to have A Five Star Life.

I Will Have No Fear

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