Lesson 279 ~E.T. Doesn’t Know Me~

I have all the quiet I will need for the next few days, and I saw two movies this week so much like the family in A Quiet Place what is it I should be doing… surviving, and my book should help with that right? E.T. Doesn’t Know Me

Friday, April 6, 2018

Lesson 279 ~E.T. Doesn’t Know Me~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I Am Not Fine Today but look at it this way they don’t call me big head anymore then again people talk behind my back still, which might explain this backache and the headache. My, oh my is that sounding like I’m writing another excuse but what else have I written today; my name that might as well be mud, how much money do I need so I don’t starve or how hard the pizza man needs to knock on the door.

While I’m busy not helping myself, how about that review I still owe for “Galahad Suns,” how about being an active participant in my writing community, and speaking of reviews, what about “A Quiet Place?” I swear anytime I find a quiet place I want to sleep, to “drift” and no I can’t blame the movies, I mean I always find time to talk to my girls and myself don’t I? More like I still have time to listen, to go crazy, hearing things that aren’t there like all the characters in the book I’m not writing now, again those backstabbers, and worrying about what to say to the pizza guy in a little while.

People loved E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and yet the government wanted to cut open that big head of his and figure out what was in there; sometimes there is nothing more than hopes and dreams, sometimes it’s the finger that holds power. I said before that I don’t grow because I can’t afford it… is that yet another excuse, traditional publishing cost a whole lot of money, but my ideas, my dreams, this noise in my head continually grows louder and louder. If I was back in school, I imagine that everybody would compare me to one of the creatures in “A Quiet Place” (old habits) hell I do feel like an alien in both this world and the one that I’m building in my novel.

Me and my big head, that’s Mr. Bighead to you, maybe that’s why I like scary movies and sex, I enjoy the sound of screaming, well making other people more so which keeps me up to write because my head is so dense. No wonder I look down so much, mourning a dead man all the time, a career that will never be but still I should look to the stars, one look, truth be told E.T. Doesn’t Know Me.

I Will Have No Fear

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