Log 031 ~Will Takes A Drive~

Vroom, vroom, I’ve slept in my car before, but as far as “sleeping” with someone else well, I have a pretty good driving record considering some things and only ever got pulled over twice and for a black man that’s dangerous. Will Takes A Drive.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Log 031 ~Will Takes A Drive~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now but not a car guy. If I earn enough money, I only want five cars. Mine, My Wife’s, Street Jet (Rob Dyrdek), Soccer Mom’s Minivan, and a Limo plus hot tub. My kids will get cars too, but time to talk about baby-making and not baby-raising Dirty Diana I hope.

At least, I want to can’t say I’m feeling my inner pimp at the moment. Yeah this coming from the guy that first thing in the morning looked up Kosame Dash. “Public Pickups” is fast becoming a favorite and to think weeks ago, it was “Oldje.” I still think about that woman in the Walmart parking lot, my chance at “Street Blowjobs.” The things that turn me on Dirty Diana hmm, innocence, plaid skirts, and in this moment cars. The voyeur side of me or the exhibitionist, having two cameras. I’m always worried about how people see me these days. One more reason I’m not all hot, at least in my pants. Besides getting mad at work, I lost another friend on Facebook. I know I always take things like this too hard; no not like that, Brainbuddy asked will I make August clean? Hell, it hasn’t been twenty-four hours, but I’m only doing research.

Speaking of my “learning,” I’ve looked over the motivations of women. I make that sound so deep, but let’s look at “Wolfenstein: Youngblood.” I like vulnerable women with the heart to fight, but there’s something about women that can kick ass. Jessie and Sophie Blazkowicz, Anya, Abby. Back in the day, I was all for Gabrielle, the Battling Bard of Potidaea. How about the fact I like women that are shapely enough to get down in a car? Refer to my list of five, which pretty much means all women. Getting back to my drives, yes I’m still a sadist, watching pain gets me going, inflicting it more so. If anything though I want a woman that makes me her drive, her focus. Give me Taylor Townsend stalking me any day, and I’d be down.

Don’t need a woman for that though I’m still down about plenty of things. One month to make a million dollars. My job leaves me scared. I have friends that are hurting something awful. I got two cars and nowhere to go. People run me so Will Takes A Drive.

I Will Have No Fear

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