Log 059 ~It’s Dirty Work Will~

Somebody’s got to do it, so why not me; I write, I could make movies, and I’m still planning on meeting Dennis Hof’s people one day, not in September though, one more woman let down. It’s Dirty Work Will

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Log 059 ~It’s Dirty Work Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but that wouldn’t matter today. Remember I thought I forgot something yesterday? Happy Self-Awareness Day from Skynet that set off Judgment Day, August 29th, 1997. However, I’m supposed to be talking about humans destroying themselves. Well, don’t we always (SIGH)?

Last night I had a dream that my mother was ashamed of me, well that’s nothing new. Anyway this time it was over my temptations. There’s Ayana Fujisawa from Cool Devices “Yellow Star” and Ashley Graham Resident Evil 4. There’s also the Isaku cast and Kelli Berglund. You want my perfect type; it would be Kelli and an Ahegao face. I can do so much worst but let’s not talk about girls on YouTube. How about Final Fantasy XIII Serah Farron? Anyone and anything to appeal to man’s nature. Am I better or worse than most?
My mom told me that I would find my way. I also want kids of my own (two-legged ones) someday. As far as women, I’ve thought of a girl so perfect I wouldn’t put her on camera; to share with anyone; my eyes only.

Still you know where my mind has been the past few days. I want to learn how to invest in the adult entertainment industry. Hell, I want to sell my stories I mean look at Tillie Cole, Skye Warren, Eric Vall, S. Wolf, Todd Michaels. I say it often enough, owning a brothel, a gentlemen’s club, a resort, studio, my network for everything. My adopted big sister told me, you can’t build a strip club next to a school. How can anyone call me dirty considering some of the businesses I’ve seen. Vault Girls in trouble, a fashion house gone crazy, and Europe, no comment. How about things like Brainbuddy, NO FAP, Covenant Eyes. Yeah, I don’t even trust “Indiana Gone” that much. I would never support Covenant Eyes. Who do I pay bills to every month again? Yeah, Brainbuddy.

Last night though I felt I owed an apology to my mom. Indeed to any of the women in my life. I don’t talk to “Okay” anymore. To shook up to offer MILF Dos another deal. I go on and on about Cherry’s boobs” Have I ever written a book without some girl I wanted to fuck at some point? I’m addicted to the paper. Somebody’s got to do it right. It’s Dirty Work Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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