Log 094 ~Willing To Be Surprised~

The things that women do, hell Dennis Hof never had it easy with his business, and neither did his girls but where they found they found themselves, surprise, surprise, but what about myself? Willing To Be Surprised

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Log 094 ~Willing To Be Surprised~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, surprise, surprise. There was a time in my life when I wanted to be surprised on The Day. Yes, it’s October now, as the song goes, wake me up, when September ends. Well, you want to know what woke me up this morning? Of course, after my Firstborn’s walk and a promise of lunch. Maitland Ward, you know “Rachel” from Boy Meets World is getting naked or has according to my research. She’s doing a feature called “Drive” directed by Kayden Cross. Yes, I saw her naked too, yep porn.

One more reason I adore women, and yeah, I’m frightened somewhat. Now before you go calling me a punk, “I am not a coward,” thank you, Dale Gribble, or was that After Earth? Anyway even the great Dennis Hof said:

“To me, a woman is a goddess, and I can’t live in a godless world.”

Now I will never be a man of the “normal” faiths, but THEY talk about loving God and serving. Despite this, THEY still show surprise at “Acts of God.” So it is with women and me or even my taste. I don’t understand somethings women do, not that it’s bad. To this day I still remember when I talked MILF Dos into getting naked for me, wow. I haven’t spoken to “Okay” in ages, but she showed me a nude picture with no prompting. I could go on; the whole men and women can’t be friends theory I still hold.

Everybody remembers The Frappening. Dirty Diana, I still want to fuck Jennifer Lawrence. Another surprise this morning; what the fuck happened to Chloë Grace Moretz’s hair? The big question I should be asking is about myself? After a release, and no, I’m not getting back on Brainbuddy, I dwell on my path. Nothing has changed Dirty Diana; I’m still looking for models. One day I will own those brothels, strip club, studios, etc. Only once upon a time I was a guy merely writing poetry. I got more than enough for a lot more 100 poem compilations. What women will inspire my next erotic novel; NaNoWriMo is coming up in November. How can I be exhausted and full of energy at the same damn time?

I don’t get tired of women ever. Wasn’t I talking about being sick a day or so ago? My sex drive is too damn high, but that’s not a bad thing. Well, unless I’m talking to you, downloading TeenStarlet. Even now thinking about that “Kayden Kross Fucks In The Bathroom” scene. Oh yeah and Maitland Ward’s videos. I found Teen Topanga back in the day, of course not the actual actress but a good lookalike. Speaking of which I could go into parodies, cosplay, and everything in between, but I’m running late as is right. For once though it’s food. Only I still keep money in my wallet like the guy in “Street Blowjobs” Women SIGH Willing To Be Surprised.

I Will Have No Fear

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