Log 101 ~Willing To Get Moving~

Here in my car I feel; well if I stick with my motivations I should say grateful that I was able to pay for it, but why do I need a car, so I can work, make money, and spend that money on, hell more work one day. Willing To Get Moving.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Log 101 ~Willing To Get Moving~


Come In Dirty Diana
I AM a Billionaire right now and crying over 570 bucks. Well okay not sobbing and a little over. If I am going to pay that much, I wish it was not over the car. How else then would I pursue sex. The fact of the matter is every move we make is either going after that. The results of “doing it” don’t I feel like an old man now? Dirty Diana there is also the justification of sex. You know I’ve never paid for sex; not that I’m not willing to understandably. The sadder fact is I have paid for the illusion of such plenty.

Hell, I remember years ago I thought $300 was enough and then I had to fix the car. Here’s a confession, I’ve never had sex in a car. Yeah Dirty Diana, porno lies and also sexy Rom-coms. Take for example the 2009 movie, Public Sex aka “Dogging A Love Story.” To this day I’m still upset about that mom in the Walmart parking lot. The closest my life has ever gotten to being an adult film. Then again I know some actual working girls but yeah where did all my money go this afternoon. After that missed opportunity I was researching “Lot Lizards” for days. Let’s say my Xvideos list got pretty specific. My “Street Blowjobs” list grew. The thing is I wasn’t going anywhere fast. Now I’m thinking about “Indiana Gone’s Wedding” and finding some “strange wool” in a new place, call me adventurous.

Can you call me old too? Two things, one “strange wool” is out of that movie The Warriors. The second is I’m one for the shaved look, if anything. Here’s some more truth for you though, all-girls cost money. Today I read something about calling women girls and the culture surrounding it to be sure. One more thing I’m stuck in, girls, chicks, and you know I can say so much worse. I know this doesn’t sound so sexy today, but dollar bills turn me on as much as women. Maitland Ward is still lighting the porno industry on fire. Of course I’m trying to make sure my car doesn’t catch fire ever. Yeah, so let me burn my cash and keep moving forward, here in my car. So where am I going anyway, Dirty Diana? Well, work and bed but Willing To Get Moving.

I Will Have No Fear

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