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Episode 315 ~A Million Dollar Will~

Money over everything I heard in a song but first that starts with printing some books however the only sheets I seem to be interested in are the ones in my bed and what does that say about me. A Million Dollar Will

Episode 308 ~Thought I Saw Will~

I did not mean to go so dark but when you go from thief to slave, to joke, and the nothingness begins to regain an appeal, but I’m feeling that hole with cash because money makes me Happy, bury me with it, Thought I Saw Will.

Episode 301 ~Will Fight For Titles~

All I do is win when it comes to “Camp NaNoWriMo” and the only time I start buying new clothes with their emblem, my idea of a championship belt but when my wallet fat and my son has a diamond water bowl will I be the champion. Will Fight For Titles.

Episode 294 ~Gee-whiz Or G Will~

Books make one smarter and rap music; not to give credence to any government study but I only listen to it when I’m angry, so I start each day feeling good, listening to my Show Me The Money playlist. Gee-whiz Or G Will

Episode 287 ~Nice And Slow Will~

“He’s slow,” well people are usually a lot crueler than that and when I am “taking my time” it will be because I have all the time in the world and a great big world to see, now I’m running around the Day Job and the words. “Nice And Slow Will.”

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