Log 143 ~Training Hands Of Will~

Well now everybody gets to see “Yabbos” and sitting or standing, everybody gets to ride and you have to forgive me, more Thora Birch in TWD so yeah “Yabbos” is becoming my go-to word, I still need 8000 though ha. Training Hands Of Will

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Log 143 ~Training Hands Of Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that seems more plausible than surviving No Nut November. Now I could go all-in on my BDSM philosophy but (Bane Voice) “That comes later.” Days like this tend to either exhaust me or turn me on; that’s, of course, when I’m writing. Sometimes I think I’ll never get a solid night’s sleep again though I only needed 800 words tonight. Anyway, as Tony Baker puts it, that’s neither here nor there. Do you want to know what broke my latest streak only yesterday, Mia Malkova “Groped On Train,” right.

Of all the things I can name from Asian culture. Martial arts films, my favorite Chinese food place the Red Lantern. Samurai Champloo, and other anime. Of course, Hentai, well hell, that’s where I got started. Midnight Sleazy Train; that goes back into my overall life goal. Running a brothel and that was mobile to boot. I’m still not one for sharing, the Swinger lifestyle and all. Okay, slow down, Kemosabe, first you need a girl. Don’t get on me about mixing Asians and Native Americans; it worked for Best of the Best 2. Only like I was saying movies. From Midnight Sleazy Train to G-Spot Express. Crimson Girls, Virgin Roster, School of Bondage, etc.

You’re damn right I said that because I can’t be up all night Ha. When is the last time I got more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep? It’s called being an adult, Dirty Diana.

Plus, I’m trying not to keep the wheels turning, though those on my first car should. I still haven’t texted back M. Anime because of these words. Eight hundred for the novel and then our conversation, which I should return to, so here we go. There’s this one with cheerleader Jenny Anderson on a train. Another starring Aiden Starr, one with Chastity Lynn, how about Alyssa Branch. So I’m confusing trains and buses, better question, other than Jenny why blondes. I can go further why everything on wheels, you know I’m one for the subconscious mind. Maybe this stuff with my other car comes out in another direction? Let’s not forget about Alli Rae, but again there’s one that doesn’t fit the motif. What’s that again, seeing, sharing, shocking public displays. Sounds like my writing, still with no sex, so surprise, surprise, am I right?

That’s me getting to sleep at a decent hour but no, Training Hands Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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