Log 158 ~The Will Of Success~

There are things I can’t seem to avoid in life, one you know well. Two is President Trump *shudders* and a third is success stories even of people I like a lot, and unlike Eric Thomas, do I have jealousy and envy? “The Will Of Success”

Friday, November 29, 2019

Log 158 ~The Will Of Success~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I’m looking for more. Now, of course, you know why I say I have all the money every single day. You hear it, and so do the rest of the ladies along with The Man In The Mirror. Eric Thomas talks about not having jealousy or envy. However, this week, I’ve heard three stories of success that well? I wish I were a better man. Last night Tony Baker (my favorite comedian now) got mentioned by Chris Cuomo. The “Skibbity Paps.” It’s A Southern Thing, continues to grow in fame. What about me, well somebody tried to log into my email, AGAIN, isn’t that something?

Everyone else is moving forward. Still, the only people interested in knowing my name are hackers. Not a good thing to be talking about, but I didn’t even plan on posting this today. Gratitude Lady Sophia, I must show it, but I have twenty-four free hours, and what did I do today? Umm, two bowls of nachos, slept for three hours this afternoon and didn’t work on a character bio. I can’t tell you what the plan for today was. Well, I could have tried to fix the car, but I was lounging around in bed until someone tried their hack. Next thing you know, I’m up securing files and taking a shower. I didn’t even bother to clean out my ear. You see, it’s things like this, complaining, whining, moaning. It makes me STUPID.

“Order is Heaven’s first law” ― Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

I learned that today and this very moment, I’m attempting to live up to that knowledge. Below you’ll find only a list of one of my character glossaries when I worked on “The Big One,” I still haven’t decided on a title. My novel that inspired all the others but I can’t even finish GULP. If I wanted to Lady Sophia, I mean to put in the effort, but no, I like the “Day Job.” You know why it’s suicide, I’m killing myself every day, it keeps me focused despite the speed in which I do so. No, let me hate on Tony Baker and Talia Lin, you know why?

“If you wanna kill yourself, do it EXPEDITIOUSLY! Now go on and JUMP!” ― Joe Clark, Lean On Me (1989)

“You don’t have it.” Finola Hughes (Laura), Staying Alive (1983)

I don’t have it, Lady Sophia, The Will Of Success.

  1. Name
  2. A.K.A.
  3. Home
  4. Age
  5. Race
  6. Born
  7. First Appearance
  8. Hair Color
  9. Eye Color
  10. Cup Size
  11. Sex Appeal
  12. Family
  13. Sexual Status
  14. Sexual Orientation
  15. First Time
  16. Turn-Ons
  17. Turn-Offs
  18. Driving Motivation
  19. Biggest Fear
  20. Status

I Will Have No Fear

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