Log 159 ~Not Will’s Mad Son~

December 7th, brave men and women died so I could complain about nonworking cars, newer fears, and neighbors, some people might consider it madness, and I wish I could say I was crazy, but it’s fear. “Not Will’s Mad Son”

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Log 159 ~Not Will’s Mad Son~

Hey Lady Lu,
I am a billionaire right now and a lover. Okay, time for the truth, I’m somebody’s son and My Dæmon’s father. So 2 out of four ain’t bad, better than my Six Impossible Things. Only I’m not mad at those failures as of late, but what’s grinding my gears today or not?

Again I have both of my parents, and I would rather lose myself than them. No, I’m not sentimental but indeed STUPID, sad, and a Scrooge. Now, this is more Inspector Echo’s wheelhouse, but here’s a confession. I was outside today “trying” to fix the car, and you know why? Lady Luna, I would indeed fry myself, poison, or crash rather than go to my Olds. Do you remember Indiana Gone’s Wedding? I was barely done checking in at the hotel when my Mom called frantically. She thought my card was gone. I didn’t tell her I was leaving town because I figured she and my “father” would ransack my place, no doubt. I’ve got submissive clothes in the closet, the house is a mess, and they might have better luck than hackers. It terrifies me to tell them one of my cars won’t start. One more failure from their STUPID son, so I can’t call the insurance people either.

The doctor, well, I haven’t seen one in forever, and my firstborn is doing fine. He’s only bored to tears. Daddy is always working, writing, looking at women. We are so going to get to that today. Anyway, I am no kind of father. Worse, I’m becoming my father; My Dæmon has a roof, he has food, I’m getting back my schedule with his medication. What about love, though? I tell him that every day, but how am I showing him some? He only ever gets my attention when he’s messing something up these days.

Speaking of messing up, the Universe presented me with an opportunity. While giving up on the car, a new neighbor walked up; her name is Madison. Brunette, pretty, no distance at all, but she wanted to use my Wi-Fi. Strange to call something mine, but anyway, what did I say? “I’m not comfortable with that, I’m sorry.” You know how I think Lady Lu, so why did I say no? As the song goes, oh no, the world is a scary place: well, I’m mad.

FEAR… Not Will’s Mad Son.

I Will Have No Fear

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