Log 164 ~She’s “Maid” For Will~

Well, this took me longer than my previous post, but when you do what you love or rather who and did I say love? Isn’t today supposed to be all about lust and of course, not making a mess? She’s “Maid” For Will

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Log 164 ~She’s “Maid” For Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and it’s all because I cleaned up my act. For the record, it’s been a hard week. Yes, everything is going to sound sexual today. On the bright side, my ear is beginning to feel a bit better. It’s incredible what the human body accomplishes with the mere prospect of sex. One more reason I want everything I conjure up. I’m alive Dirty Diana; my desires, like writing, it’s breathing for the soul. Sex nourishes the body, though people think I talk too much shit.

Now I’m not one of “those” types, but I am learning to appreciate ass all the more. If a girl is walking away, she’s not teasing me these days. Dirty Diana, I respect women, you know the things I have done when it comes to the fairer sex. Hell, I had a maid, and I would clean the house before she would ever step foot inside. I have studied a woman more than I ever have for any test I have taken in my entire life. Let’s not forget all the ladies that have cleaned out my wallet over the years. Some days I’m even tempted to give much more. I’m not a made man, but being a writer, I have created women well more like personalities of them. It makes me think of all the erotica writers I know, but that’s more Lady Sophia’s problem. So what’s yours? Other than stopping me from watching “Adult Supervision Required,” Brooke Logan.

Honestly, I like her scene in that more than when she fucked Ron Jeremy. Didn’t I say I study women? Six Impossible Things or Six Degrees of Separation. Looking up Brooke Logan, her “maid” uniform a match for MILF Dos. She’s hurting, I can’t ask her to model, but I know a pornstar that looks like her. That adult entertainer gets me to watch, The Innocence Of Youth DVD. Those outfits make me think of Alice Little and Anna Vlasova, ahh alliteration. The wonders of Alice as in wonderland and I go tumbling down the rabbit hole. It gets dirty, and so I think of cleaning up but then again.

Six Degrees

  1. Brooke Logan
  2. MILF Dos
  3. Porn Star
  4. The Innocence Of Youth
  5. Alice Little, Anna Vlasova/Alissa
  6. Alice In Wonderland

Now to shower thinking someone somewhere, She’s “Maid” For Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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