Log 165 ~Someday Will Reviews Sunday~

I could be working on a Character Bio, how about reviewing Raphael, or talking about the book I’m currently reading, Accidental Santa, see I can get into the Christmas spirit when I’m not complaining, oh no. Someday Will Reviews Sunday

Friday, December 13, 2019

Log 165 ~Someday Will Reviews Sunday~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and the reviews are in, wealth makes you a decent person. In America, money makes you the best type of person. One more reason I want it all, and that makes me sound like an average Republican, I know. The problem is, in looking for that voice, I only have my own. For this week, indeed, my life, that hasn’t been enough, if I even use it at all. Again, I should be working on one of my characters, but instead, should I review myself at all?

Now that’s what my dream could mean. Do you remember the show, Rocko’s Modern Life? There was this episode “Skid Marks,” where everybody says, “Don’t Get The Fat Guy.” Anyway, I keep hearing, yeah, my stupid ear, but there’s an echo singing out “the little naked man.” I hope I can still post this, but I think it’s talking about myself. Let’s say after yesterday, if I dig in, I can get 50% of Six Impossible Things. I swore yesterday I was thinking about what it would take to be a good father, a son to be proud of, and a great man. Instead, I wrote excuses why My Dæmon doesn’t need this or that; didn’t I screw up this week. I’m only now remembering I need to buy my mother a birthday present. Yesterday I made a list of stuff “I” wanted but with a little help from FTWD? Well, that’s the reason I’m looking at half of my Six Impossible Things, instead of four. Maybe next week?

So good things about the man I am this week, minus the other physical ailments? My motion sickness is getting better. Look at me, Lady Sophia, is this my usual waking hour from now on? When I become a success, I can worry about waking up at a decent hour, 4:00 AM, for example. I kept my mouth zipped when it came to Cherry. How good a friend was I besides something else? While I’m still attempting to hire people, I didn’t jump at the first opportunity. Oh, more on my motion sickness, I’m learning more and more about Far Cry 5 daily. Anything I get into I study, I gain the facts, what works, what doesn’t. The thing is I write myself off as a failure but haven’t tried myself.

120%, Someday Will Reviews Sunday

I Will Have No Fear

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