Log 213 ~Will Pulls An All-Nighter~

In one ear, out the other, too bad, I’m usually thinking about filling other holes, and if only the one in my bank account were full, I would be all set and wasn’t I trying to hire a maid once but now some company’s coming. Will Pulls An All-Nighter.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Log 213 ~Will Pulls An All-Nighter~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so it’s been a while since I’ve slept alone? If I had a million dollars, what would be the first thing? Two girls at the same time? Life goal to wake up with a naked lady every day. Talk about facts for today. Well, I’m trying not to; I’m sick, scared, so slightly aggravated, etc.

What ticks me off more than having a chance at tits and fucking it up somehow. How about my “father” coming for a visit and leaving my dæmon all alone with him? Yeah, you can see where a naked lady would come in handy for somethings, Diana. More than sex?

My motivations always discuss not living in the past but those that don’t learn from it SIGH. There was the time that lady needed money, but what would she do to get it, hmm? I gave her five bucks for nothing, and let’s not talk about my views on charity. Only is my cowardice any better? These past few days, it’s been rough. I haven’t had to worry about convincing pretty girls to do anything. The porn is helping for moments at a time, of course. Finally, I’m still pretty mad about last night. Dirty Diana, I couldn’t figure out to help Cherry, so why bother asking her anything else. Now tell me when’s the last time the tech support guy fucked. Now the nerd always gets in some girl’s panties. Chances are it wouldn’t have happened regardless. It’s like Leonard wanting to give away his stuff because of Penny.

All night I worked on poetry. When it wasn’t that, I was trying to fix the computer, and still, I’m wary of the piss-poor job I’ve done. The things I do for women and I can only wish that it ended there. Tonight I should be cleaning the house. Why, you ask? The bug man is coming around and again, my father. I’ll be up listening to that humming too. As the song goes, when you worry, you make it double. Yes, I’m fearful, and I don’t even want to talk about it. Only it’s more like desperation these days. I also thought about taping aluminum foil to the window. Well, since you’re expecting some sex? A fantasy of mine is tying a woman up in ribbons from medals and beauty queen sashes. Not my night, Will Pulls An All-Nighter.

I Will Have No Fear

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