Log 247 ~Exit Stage Right Will~

If you want to imagine the future, well having written a term paper on 1984 and receiving an F I rather not and that sin seems so insignificant to so many other things and yet I steady on, until the Thought Police or worse. Exit Stage Right Will

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Log 247 ~Exit Stage Right Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and besides that again, I am no politician. Here’s something I’ve learned. If you ever want to know a politician, look at what they fight. They’re against gays, gay lovers, hard on guns, members of the NRA. How about protecting minors, besties with Jeffrey Epstein (shudders). You know I want to protect animals so again I don’t do politics, but yes I do vote. Now, why did I shudder? Well, this morning, I was introduced to a character in Black Mirror, never watching that, not ever.

So I’m listening to Exit Music (For A Film) by Radiohead. Fans of Black Mirror and Romeo & Juliet remember this song I know. Anyway, it got me to thinking Inspector Echo, if you were out there for real. How “messed up would I be for the following actions? Let’s start with something small. I read erotic books. When I’m at work, I started off listening to Dale Carnegie, The Gargoyle, now Beauty and the Professor. I have dirty playlists, and I’m never connecting to my Day Job’s Wi-Fi ever. My mother told me something about that years ago when she “lent” me her password, and she got in trouble. Speaking of good women, I won’t lie, yes I’ve been “into” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her dancing and some stupid boys talking about her. The latest controversy has been about Greta Thunberg. Some “pornographic” sticker some energy company made. Do I feel it’s wrong; well I looked it up and what did I see, reread the title, Inspector.

I don’t know a thing about most art. Now whether it’s a sticker or some story SIGH, what about my novella? I was almost begging someone to read my dirty thoughts. That’s humiliating in and of itself for several reasons. I just got my bill today for SubscribeStar, and why? So I can watch UnidentifiedSFM and for the love of everything don’t look that up. Of course, you still remember TTB, Teen Starlet, “Russian” ties. Finally, there’s what I want to do with my life. As much as I talk about needing a new plague, Coronavirus is exciting? I don’t want to hurt people, but someday Inspector Echo with all my sins, coming to light eventually hmm? Dale Carnegie says something interesting. Accept the worst and learn to keep going.

Until the sirens Inspector Echo, but I am so very sorry, Exit Stage Right Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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