Log 262 ~Willie, He’s A Misanthropist~

Having Love, well more to the point Lust in the time of plague. I envisioned men and women risking life and limb to visit my brothel in the wasteland, and yes, I like the movie Tank Girl too. Willie, He’s A Misanthropist, so TPE, Silicone, Aliens hmm

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Log 262 ~Willie, He’s A Misanthropist~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s because I don’t kink shame anybody. Dennis Hof didn’t at his many cathouses. Now speaking of men that I admire, the narrator in The Gargoyle. Thank the author for the word, Misanthropist. When the tablet isn’t hitting me in the face, I enjoy reading. It looks like I’ll have a chance to do more of that with the Coronavirus. It won’t be about feet, Scatology, or Bestiality, to name a few. Again no kink-shaming, but I do have hard limits. People though sigh they’re hard, get me hard.

So how to get around that; today, that has been the question again because of the outbreak. I am capable of having personal relationships and business dealings. Cut to that woman I met in Walmart’s parking lot before. Wanting MILF Dos, Cherry, or M Anime to as the song goes Get Naked. Dark thoughts like the book Dark Notes, but I’m not price gouging anybody. I would have been better off reading or listening than heading to the store again this morning. On the writing tip, though, I did hear back from Earth Erotic about my story. Accepted, but I’ll have to tweak it some. Okay, I got pictures and books, what about movies? They shut down the Regal, but what about dirty films. My models can take care of that if I get any. Of course, I have no problems finding some good porn.

Sex Dolls, Dirty Diana, because while I’m not a prophet, I have seen a vision. I join the chorus, mixing faith and science, though. For example, and I can’t stress this enough, I hate math. Anyway, I have seen a “Phoebe – 130cm (4’2”) Big Breast Body and was smitten. Of course, I had this fetish before, years back with Real Doll one of their 4’10” (around 147cm) models. Keep in mind Alice Little is 4’8,” so what can I say, size matters. What about fantasy “The things I want to do to you would give you nightmares” from Dark Notes. I’ve talked about sex androids from Detroit: Become Human to NieR: Automata.” Don’t forget I had a “necro” fantasy about two girls fighting to the death. Never thought much about sex with computers or aliens. However, there’s Cortana (Halo) and Queen Elyon (Earth Erotic).

Who needs people who can’t get my name or voice ever, Willie, He’s A Misanthropist.

I Will Have No Fear

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