Log 261 ~Will Throws A Rager~

I could keep my head underwater for a bit longer, or I could go to sleep, even in my noise-filled Den the humming doesn’t stop me from sleeping, or I could have knocked myself out with my tablet. Will Throws A Rager

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Log 261 ~Will Throws A Rager~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and money makes me happy. What about My Dæmon, solitude, and women, in all their many shapes and forms? My motivations talk about creating happiness but three things. One, everything that brings about that feeling, people say is wrong. It’s kind of hard to imagine those things when knowing with them, you’re “evil.” Two, I don’t even remember what it felt like Inspector Echo. I get wisps now and again sometimes, but I don’t know. Three, there’s rage like you would not believe, anger, hate, suffering.

Yes, Inspector Echo, Star Wars, but I’m drowning in this rage, and of course, it begins with FEAR. I am not one for grossness, but when I have to go to the Day Job, I get sick to my stomach. In my bag, I carry Sprite and plastic bags. Of course, I have the perfect word and excuse me, but shit. I’m sharing my feelings, but at least I ain’t crying, and yeah, you know what is going to nail me for that word. I could think of a few hundred reasons to scream at the moment, but I’m too hot. Not in a DECENT way. I’m talking about blood boiling and how far can I take that thought. Well, nowhere near a conclusion. Otherwise, I’ll be explaining myself like Hilary Swank in The Hunt. Remember what I learned from Cherry; when you believe no one is reading, they’re here.

Now I could go to bed. I fell asleep on the loveseat again reading The Gargoyle. Inspector Echo I think the world of the book, but that’s the thing about rage. It burns everything. It’s a desert; it’s a Hell. So what about an oasis? Once again, the best release is one I’m swearing off again. The money I do have, well, I don’t know where it’s going. Isn’t that a lie, like everything else it’s all about the ladies. A time of crisis and I deal in Babes, Biology, Bucks, and Bullets. If anything, I need to hit the store tomorrow and see if I can find supplies. My son is good at the moment, but what about me, Inspector Echo. I skipped dinner, and yes, I have food. I’m only full of such anger. It’s like my big sister tried to figure out.

An average day or The Apocalypse, Will Throws A Rager.

I Will Have No Fear

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