Log 269 ~The Will To Win~

Who’s winning at life besides $$$ Republicans? I suppose people are catching up on their reading, which means I should be catching up on writing, which usually means researching “adult entertainment” in detail. The Will to Win, his stories about done

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Log 269 ~The Will To Win~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so you see it doesn’t take a virus to write but merely the WILL. Now, Dirty Diana, I need to finish, did I say that, wow. Only with the whole damn world falling apart as the song goes, “Tell me what’s so bad, about feeling good?” Well, unlike wealthy people, I understand that the things I do make other people feel bad. There was a period in time I was all about Le Marquis de Sade, still am in Sadism. Today I’m proud to say I worked so damn hard on my novella that I can never show anyone ever.

Now here’s the current character list female wise:

  1. Cherry Roslyn Fae
  2. Anna Cecilia Fae
  3. Caitlin Grace Clayborn
  4. River Nelle McKinney – “Debbie” The Cheerleaders (1973) Brandy Woods
  5. Rini Aubrie Westfall – Airi Akitsuki, Oni Chichi
  6. Amorette Anissa Lucita – Alahna Ly
  7. Sarah Annora Haven
  8. Hanna Abbey Blake
  9. Phoebe Christina Piper – Piper Doll
  10. Brooklynn Elsa McKinney
  11. Gretchen Parker McKinney

Eleven women and I could name them all, but what would that get me. Should I focus more on all the sex scenes that I want to recreate? I could always go with the one from Immoral Sisters, the two sisters licking the principal’s cock. I talked about the one from Shusaku when he was ramming both the teacher and student. I know I am such a broken record, I can’t deny that at all. Why not take a page from Virgin Roster Shukketsubo? There seems to be no fairytale ending in sight. Well, unless you’re the male antagonist. So why am I so anxious to finish a story that no one will read. You may also ask why am I talking to you instead of Lady Sophia about writing? I’ve been in isolation for four days and NO FAP around twelve. Usually, when I make it past the first week, it’s smooth sailing for a bit. I’m not breaking.

I’m channeling my sexual energies elsewhere and with no people to be angry at hmm? Isn’t that a lie, but maybe I want to beat the end of the world by ending my own a bit sooner. Nice guys finish last, though. Isn’t today good for sexual innuendo Dirty Diana?

An excellent night for release but The Will To Win

I Will Have No Fear

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