Log 270 ~Will In The Wasteland~

Well, it’s done, the novella is finished, some 19,000 words and not a single person I can share it with. Camp NaNoWriMo is beginning in April, and I feel somewhat like a cheater because I’m only adding the desert of the fiction. Will In The Wasteland

Friday, March 27, 2020

Log 270 ~Will In The Wasteland~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which wouldn’t mean much if we’re all dead. Let me start by saying I’m so sorry. I swear this is what happens when you time-travel, and all the days begin to bleed together. Right now, it’s Wednesday, my lousy day, but shouldn’t I be talking about what I’m reading or writing Friday. We’ll get to that, but I am sorry for my bout of depression. Yesterday I was talking about literally being over the HUMP. Now leave it to a girl in a very big PINK bra, Reagan Kathryn, and the idea of some church sex.

Yes, Lady Sophia, you didn’t need to read that, but it was in the first part of my novella. Sorry to say it was in the last chapter of my novella, The End. Well, Lady Sophia, if you don’t like SPOILERS, here’s your OFFICIAL SPOILER ALERT. Everybody dies except for my character. I’m pretty sure Earth Erotic wouldn’t appreciate that ending. Do you remember when I was freaking out to hear from them? It’s been weeks, and what about iUniverse? I told them to shut-up after weeks of annoyance. So let’s talk about things I read like all those ads from Wish. At this point in the story, I’m tempted to say they’re the reason I keep getting all those warnings from Norton. You know, all I’ve ever wanted is to be desired. The ironic thing is, only criminals want me even in times such as these, the awaiting wasteland.

I am an American, yeah you hacking scumbags. Anyway, in the eyes of the world, that doesn’t impress. At least I can look forward to $1,200, but Trump is still in charge, so that’s doubtful. What would I do with the money anyway? It’s not like I’m living my dreams right about now. While I broke NO FAP, I have still been in isolation for SIGH five days. I’m going to have to go outside sooner or later, but with how I’ve been reading people? Lady Sophia, I’m a lover snickers, not a fighter, but I’m adding to my arsenal. Finally, NaNoWriMo is coming up in April. I’ve barely done 5000 words with all this time off in a single day. It also feels like cheating to expand on the novella I’ve just finished anyway.

Lady Sophia, I am the waste, Will In The Wasteland.

I Will Have No Fear

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