Episode 123 ~Will Does Dirty Deeds

Should I go to a strip club already, or maybe I should become a “hobbyists” only in America do you crack down on the women before the guns but I feel like I’m going to… well given the news so much for free speech. Will Does Dirty Deeds

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Episode 123 ~Will Does Dirty Deeds


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, keep your money and your dick in your pants for starters and who pays for porn nowadays anyway, though I have before, some DVD’s here or there “Isaku” for example, Virgin Roster Shukketsubo, Casual Romance Club Houkago Ren’ai CLUB, PC games. I also own some sex toys, and for a while, I was working on a closet for a potential submissive, but of course, life has to do its thing, and you can’t make a deal with it, what did one of my motivations say “life does not accept payment plans” but do women… perhaps?

If it worked for Christian Grey, but I don’t have that type of scratch. Otherwise, I would be in Nevada this very moment and in cute little redhead Alice Little; maybe if NaNoWriMo works out and I get published and how has that gone today? Yeah, I’m way too busy thinking about that MILF again, I wonder did she take my advice as she’s now trying to be a model maybe… so much for anything, I could give her am I right? Hell, I have been down that road before with a pornstar, the legendary Mia Rose, but no girl is looking for a guy with nothing… okay so maybe that shows how much I know about women, just saying.

Maybe wishing, hoping, imagining what life would be like if this was Brazzers or Reality Kings but if it isn’t my exercising MILF I’m dreaming of it’s the one closer to “home” a Twelve-Hour deal, and no not The Purge though I do have a fantasy there. The way I see it she could come to the house and do her usual for two to three hours, but before she heads upstairs she would do a striptease and wear something I picked, and she wouldn’t leave me wanting in the oral department let’s say or a handjob. Week two, there’s a difference between making love and fucking; we would do the former and talk about week three.

Now that would be the best day, BDSM two and a half hours’ scene followed with aftercare and lunch, maybe a small nap or a shower, she would have her own, given this place, it does have benefits. Such deeds though require such digits, and quite the Devil, and am I him, at the moment all I can say is I’ve felt better, no energy boosts today, but I’m nowhere near where I need to be, all my worries, writing and two women how Will Does Dirty Deeds.

I Will Have No Fear

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