Episode 187 ~Will Asks A Director~

What’s today’s story, I’ll let you know when I’m back holding the pen, B III needs me to go and get his papers, I got to talk to a girl about some mean green, and I’m sure somebody out there needs me for a joke. “Will Asks A Director,” or becomes one

Friday, January 4, 2019

Episode 187 ~Will Asks A Director~

Hey Lady Sophia,
How To Make One Million Dollars, ask Skye Warren, Celia Aaron, Pepper Winters, Pam Godwin, should I ask S. Wolf or Todd Michaels, and I know what you’re thinking, yes I know way more authors than directors. Hell, last night I told myself the whole story of The Postman (1997), instead of sleeping in my bed, I slept on the loveseat and dreamed I was Star-Lord flying through the sky about to fight Thanos a.k.a. B III on account of him being sick, the heating vent, and Honest Trailers, how that wasn’t in my plans at all.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” ― Woody Allen

If I have learned anything from this week and as always this is a repeated lesson, I’m a dominant; I like being in control, my directorial debut “Cumming For You” (no I won’t call LANGUAGE on the title) was a resounding success; I always wanted to direct a porno. I can be a producer of course when the need arises, the day job, a pretty girl is coming over (asks Indiana Gone or Okay) and let’s hear it for my ill Triple B, now that’s not good, but my Motivations always talk about having a reason, a drive, your purpose. Social Anxiety, of course, makes you think the camera, the spotlight, the live studio audience is always on you and that’s one more reason to stay under the covers, to play the ghost, why so many others prefer playing dead.

The concept brings me back to the hot MILF and my new actress, am I becoming a fanboy, that was before I even saw her naked but what I’m getting at is, that energy, the moment she cums, the improvisation, motivation, life. Even in my novels, it’s not that I’m writing, I believe whatever I want, I make plans and then the characters, they take over and the beauty of that moment, do you watch, or do you join the fun? Do you think God is up there, wishing for some good shut-eye, but he’s busy stroking or fingering, maybe sees us as sick and has to stay up all night, perhaps we’re only the strangest dream; still an atheist.

Today however I’m cast and crew, I’ll probably have a conversation with my actress, and Triple B is busy writing his new screenplay though I think it’s shit (LANGUAGE) yeah going to buy more doggy pads and that means I’m going to be on screen. Everyday Lady Sophia I “try” an answer the question, why am I a writer and here’s one “Like Me When I’m Not Me” so does that mean I want to be a character or stay behind; Will Asks A Director.

I Will Have No Fear

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