Episode 186 ~Will Turns To Ink~

All the ink I’ve spilled, there is not a doubt in my mind that I am meant to be a writer and worrying about B III keeps me on point most days and with the money, I have split between them, and here I want to be Reality Kings. Will Turns To Ink.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Episode 186 ~Will Turns To Ink~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, become a pimp, direct pornos, hell even gay for pay if I swung that way, so yeah I guess I understand that, $$$$ wouldn’t be enough for me to sell my body, though I have slightly loose morals… not that much. So baring that I decided to become a writer so I could be whatever I wanted but why wait; I waited too long and missed out on a great girl, there is the fact of “What’s My Age Again,” and dare I call myself INSATIABLE with several different things.

A healthy obsession, as my Motivations would put it; I asked some people what they think I’m obsessed with and without a doubt my son, all the money I have put on him, and he’s even shown up in a story here or there. As for books, my writing was the next thing and how could I not, again that’s what telling a story, writing a poem, talking to you even, it’s bleeding, it’s painful, it’s art, removing the poison from within. Maybe that’s the sin I should have told Inspector Echo because these days the blood has not become ink but different, with time.

Again I hate the holidays, but with the free time I have in abundance, I can’t say I have used it productively as much, my words nonexistent out of my mouth while I watch a beautiful woman moan my name over and over, when is the last time I’ve heard such divinity. My fingers possess the Midas Touch, how much gold is too much to lift them, and then I release those fortunes to see her “treasure box” to watch her skin glow, and how she does shine. My eyes as black as the devil, red from her fire or is it from a lack of sleep which is one more reason I’m not writing my story but instead, directing, producing, and geeking out about it. E.L. James had Christian Grey to write, I wonder how the Marquis de Sade got anything done and Todd Michaels book Begging For It, of course, is damn illegal.

“It’s a wonder that humankind has constructed any kind of civilization with this monumental distraction at hand.” Youth in Revolt

So of course why I have always known it’s possible (with varying degrees of success) living a bit of my story has made me “reluctant” okay downright lazy to write; if I could be like Jadis somewhat, who continued to be the artist but also became the paint. Where have my hands been, if anything I’m wiping the drool from my chin, I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t lost myself in any screen; I’m a cautionary tale of lust maybe because how Will Turns To Ink.

I Will Have No Fear

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