Episode 185 ~Ink And Drive Will~

Reasons I would get a tattoo, one for B III, to show I’m a survivor even as “Ill Will,” or for a pretty girl, and which one have I done this week; how about why I’m a writer, spend more time with my kid, making a living, and girls. Ink And Drive Will

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Episode 185 ~Ink And Drive Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, keep your fucking mouth shut, as always Inspector Echo “language” but between you and me FUCK is turning out to be the word of the year, so far, my power, my pleasure, my pain. If I’m going to start quoting songs why not Joy & Pain because I’ve been feeling a lot of that already and while this song reminds me of my aunt it doesn’t bother me unlike a few other words hurting like Hell.

You see words cost Inspector Echo, I’m a writer so I should understand this more than most, but as for why I don’t speak most of the time, of course, the first reason is FEAR because more often than not it drives me. As I said FUCK has been on my tongue in both good and bad ways, but mostly it’s because I’ve made a mistake and others well, I can’t help myself seeing where I have succeeded… especially where that MILF is concerned. FORGET, what that I’m skeevy… in the past, one of these days, how about the gentleman I want to be, I’m free to let the dominant out, how about all common sense but is it a sin for a man to give in to primal urges?

Writing I believe gives us more time to think, and that’s the thing I don’t know what I was thinking or that she and others might give in, hell I was scared to write to one Milf, and then another was willing not DTF but still. I’ll tell you this, when its numbers and not words, well both go pretty fast, so maybe I shouldn’t count that as a sin either, less money means I need to write plenty more and I’m not one of those guys who decided clicks over chicks. So honestly Inspector Echo have I committed any sins, and I mean it is Wednesday, but drugs are an addiction, alcohol, and of course women, and if it’s in texts, giving my word, or the ink on her skin I’m riding pretty high.

As I said words all come with a price tag, and I am willing to pay, with my time, my money, my name, but they can also be an investment, I could be sitting on a goldmine maybe? As always though I need forgiveness Inspector Echo, I’ve been writing with my penis since the start of this year, how about things I would never say with my mouth, end up in texts and stories. The fact that it’s so hard to forget because well I’m so hard but if you saw this Milf Inspector Echo, damn Ink And Drive Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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