Episode 184 ~Will’s Great Gut Instinct~

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Episode 184 ~Will’s Great Gut Instinct~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, well it doesn’t start with greatness, call it fear, hunger, having guts and those are the things you can never show anybody, but that million dollars, my first born child, and you my love are far more than greatness. When I go to the day job I could tell them I was great and it wouldn’t mean a goddamn thing, (a stickler for language), then my friends assure me I’m great and what is it about the breath, buttons, the belief that gets me to agree. My Motivations “What It Really Takes to Be Great,” fire me up without a doubt.

Only a Million dollars is great I want more, B III deserves more than that, and being beside you well that took more than the G-word, sometimes I imagine creating something more than the L-word I suppose. In a way it’s like Christmas Day, New Year’s, the high holiness of Valentine’s Day and what about your birthday, as Ellie Goulding sings it, How Long Will I Love You, and that’s not a one-day thing, a yearly event, though birthdays are like a month right? I heard once that it’s a disease this thing called love, and honestly, I believe that. I mean the things that it makes us do, it’s physical effects on us, and the final result of course.

It’s great isn’t it, like that time I spilled my Sprite at work and when from sickness to panicked cleaner or when I was ready to fight that Goliath, it’s that day when I first saw you and my day is full of love songs and my nights full of blues. You know I’m not one for the Aliens franchise, but I can relate to the agony easily, I don’t drink a whole lot but to be Drunk On You sigh, it’s like being in that hotel again as a kid grabbing a mountain of bacon. How can something be so right and so wrong at the same time, I swear it’s like eating breakfast for once and wondering why I’m stuck in bed. Trying new things in the kitchen and suddenly, Too Much Sauce, going to McDonald’s every day because the cashier “like me” (well I added ten minutes to the next location right)?

My point is I don’t think I’m great, I won’t always feel great even if you say, and Hell I want to be even more than that because you and I, Triple B, our other children we all deserve so much more from me, and that’s going to take courage, a full stomach, figuring things out. I promise you baby girl that I Will; I will because I’m a man, maybe not a great one but I can feel that from head to heel Baby I’m Yours. And while I’m much more of a “Co-Ed Confidential” aficionado, the need, the hunger, for you are so sweet, that I could not deny Will’s Great Gut Instinct.

“Don’t try to be a great man. Just be a man and let history make its own judgments.” Zefram Cochrane

I Will Have No Fear

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