Episode 190 ~Do You Step Or Leap~

Dennis Hof might not be the man to follow, especially since he passed R.I.P. and Mario was always bumping his head, but when it came to finding a princess, well men always tumble down the bunny trail, warp pipe, or rabbit hole. “Do You Step Or Leap.”

Monday, January 7, 2019

Episode 190 ~Do You Step Or Leap~

Sixty-Sixth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, look before you leap, when asking out a pretty MILF, making a deal with another, or giving in to my temptation of negativity, and other than my hiatus from porn, “bad vibes” are right there. I learned a lesson Madam Justice, not I made a mistake, but I accepted, I take responsibility, and I move on and today is a beautiful day for a walk or any day, right?

“There’s a saying, the pessimist looks down and hits his head.
The optimist looks up and loses his footing.
The realist looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly.” King Ezekiel

As I continue my writing endeavors, I learn to express myself, to make myself sharper, and to become oriented in the particulars, what is it they say about the devil and the details; shouldn’t I be proud though that I took the step? Much like “Alice In Wonderland” tumbling after crumbling, and grumbling (CAREFUL) as you say Madam Justice but I’m more interested in the movement, and that is a good thing. Last night I stepped into relaxation, I got out of bed and read for an hour and a half this morning, I walked into the dining room, rather than lie back in bed, I am moving forward today.

I admire B III with his leaping, talk about wanting something so much, whether it be a treat, a chance at sunlight and how about all the times he decides to get out of bed, my son knows how to live. At the moment I’m waiting for my next leap, honestly, last week was fun, but I wonder what excitement I’ll find in the next few days… might I have another model, I’m enjoying reading “The Art of the Pimp,” and I have a new playlist to check out. Madam Justice I know you think I have leaped right into this positivity kick right, but again if I can give up the “adult entertainment” well minus the lesson I learned though at present I haven’t watched all day, I’m awake and looking to stay so.

I’m alive, and I don’t want to stand still, I say it every day, my steps are directed towards my goal, my fortune, and there is never a middle ground with me, I’m stepping, I’m running, and this isn’t fear Justice. On the other hand, much like my little boy I’m leaping and hoping to find the next comfy spot, looking to grow bigger and stronger; my superpower for today lies in choice so decide Do You Step Or Leap.

I Will Have No Fear

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