Tale 016 ~All Men Fear; Cowards Run~

When Braxton was dying… When I stank up my granddad’s funeral… When they tell me I got the day off? If some chick is about to get naked for me. Having to say, V is more than the new guy. And going to bed. Running’s existing. All Men Fear; Cowards Run

Monday, July 17, 2023

Tale 016 ~All Men Fear; Cowards Run~

Three-Hundredth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Billionaire right now. So my biggest fear must be losing all this money. A people’s uprising? Taxes? Hell! With these finances now…

Braxton will always be my greatest fear. I swear, Madam, I was talking with… um myself last night. And I was thinking about that song that goes, “Fear is the heart of love.” Madam, fear is not a means to love. Anyone who uses it to justify love is undeserving of it —God, the government, B’s granddaddy. His repairman’s visiting today… FUCK! Pardon my French. Anyway, I wasn’t scared of but was terrified for Braxton every day. But I talk all the time about fatherhood and manhood. And when Braxton Barks passed… Well, I’m still a man ain’t I? If I listened to Republicans… Because, oh, how I adore titties. Haven’t I been all about censorship the past few days? But it’s “Times Like These.”

If you only knew how badly I want to run, Madam. Because as I said, my “father’s” friend Bill is coming. Do you remember how much money I burned last year? I might as well start flushing it down the toilet now. Speaking of which, I’ll blow chunks any minute. Madam, that was a bit TMI, wasn’t it? But what else can I tell you? Of everything that’s coming to mind, again, I’m “Feeling super, super (super!) suicidal.” “America, America.” I’m one of those that live paycheck to paycheck. But it ain’t Republicans robbing me. Madam, if anything, I’m a spoiled brat at thirty-eight. Eff me! Where does the time go, Madam? If it ain’t bile and brains all over the place. I should sweep…

Oh, we both know what I’m doing most of the time. So I’m scared it might be like a drug. Running? What did you expect me to say, Madam? Yeah, I know, I know. Fucking! Language, I know, and I apologize. But yes, I’m usually running into sets of Yabbos. Bullies are about as plentiful. And I’m running away from them or people in general. Books could save me. Or so I once believed if I would write one, edit, and then publish, Madam. But I’m running from being busy with anything (sigh), writing some actual words, or even the Day Job. I’m running right back to bed. But I can’t stay here today, Madam. There’s Virgil to protect too… All Men Fear; Cowards Run

897 Days Without B III, Day 338 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

Episode 197 ~Women Make The World Harder~

Whenever a woman is coming over I’m reminded of that concept “Jesus is coming, look busy” it’s like the end of days maybe, and that’s if things get that far, past twenty seconds of courage, the daily grind, life. Women Make The World Harder

Monday, January 14, 2019

Episode 197 ~Women Make The World Harder~

Sixty-Seventh Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, keep your zipper closed no matter how hard “IT” gets and no I’m not thinking about the clown, learn to live “Bird Box” style, and maybe I misunderstood in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. You also must remain a hard ass and by that I mean keep your wallet full and keep your mouth shut and grind; my back pockets are for my wallet, some work gear, and some wound up earphones most days.

Last time I checked Eric Thomas has a woman but here’s the thing Madam Justice, I have a hard time breathing regardless of what I do but between the day job and women… one they call making a living, the other produces life. I make women out to be, princess and queens, angels and goddesses, I find myself willing to do anything and haunted by my decisions and wonder why. Now I want to be a man. Indeed a wise black man so I’ll quote The Fresh Prince, Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble, I have watched many a great man fall to perdition, not saying they didn’t deserve it but the innocent as well Justice.

Falling in love doesn’t take a brain, you’re libel to bust a gut, and you know how much I hate playing the fool which explains some and a man must also be brave, have huge stones or can we say bigger balls. Do you think me bitter Madam Justice, I don’t like the taste of 5-hour ENERGY, but I still take it every day and so it is with women, as the song goes, I’m a little Drunk On You which ironically makes me softer and more open. Doesn’t this lead me back to the MILFS though or any woman for that matter, hell Dennis Hof wanted independent women, but he also spoiled them rotten, and at the same time he bought houses galore, he had the Midas Touch, indeed plenty of cold hard cash.

Women make a man hardheaded in more ways than one, in body, bullion, battle, and probably a million other things all so we can take them to bed, in the belief that we will breathe a little easier, and I won’t lie Madam Justice, one day I want to be a dad. What doesn’t “end” you, makes you stronger and with a woman sigh what does one man have to fear; I rather face Ryuukotsusei, hell maybe I am him or is being a Dominant worse, that sends the girls running, and the planet spinning, Women Make The World Harder.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 190 ~Do You Step Or Leap~

Dennis Hof might not be the man to follow, especially since he passed R.I.P. and Mario was always bumping his head, but when it came to finding a princess, well men always tumble down the bunny trail, warp pipe, or rabbit hole. “Do You Step Or Leap.”

Monday, January 7, 2019

Episode 190 ~Do You Step Or Leap~

Sixty-Sixth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, look before you leap, when asking out a pretty MILF, making a deal with another, or giving in to my temptation of negativity, and other than my hiatus from porn, “bad vibes” are right there. I learned a lesson Madam Justice, not I made a mistake, but I accepted, I take responsibility, and I move on and today is a beautiful day for a walk or any day, right?

“There’s a saying, the pessimist looks down and hits his head.
The optimist looks up and loses his footing.
The realist looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly.” King Ezekiel

As I continue my writing endeavors, I learn to express myself, to make myself sharper, and to become oriented in the particulars, what is it they say about the devil and the details; shouldn’t I be proud though that I took the step? Much like “Alice In Wonderland” tumbling after crumbling, and grumbling (CAREFUL) as you say Madam Justice but I’m more interested in the movement, and that is a good thing. Last night I stepped into relaxation, I got out of bed and read for an hour and a half this morning, I walked into the dining room, rather than lie back in bed, I am moving forward today.

I admire B III with his leaping, talk about wanting something so much, whether it be a treat, a chance at sunlight and how about all the times he decides to get out of bed, my son knows how to live. At the moment I’m waiting for my next leap, honestly, last week was fun, but I wonder what excitement I’ll find in the next few days… might I have another model, I’m enjoying reading “The Art of the Pimp,” and I have a new playlist to check out. Madam Justice I know you think I have leaped right into this positivity kick right, but again if I can give up the “adult entertainment” well minus the lesson I learned though at present I haven’t watched all day, I’m awake and looking to stay so.

I’m alive, and I don’t want to stand still, I say it every day, my steps are directed towards my goal, my fortune, and there is never a middle ground with me, I’m stepping, I’m running, and this isn’t fear Justice. On the other hand, much like my little boy I’m leaping and hoping to find the next comfy spot, looking to grow bigger and stronger; my superpower for today lies in choice so decide Do You Step Or Leap.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 183 ~One Tough Act To Follow~

As the song goes, The Man Right Here got plenty lost this year, and its too easy to follow someone who has no idea where they are going isn’t it; so how do I know the right way… my comfort zone is hard enough. “One Tough Act To Follow”

Monday, December 31, 2018

Episode 183 ~One Tough Act To Follow~

Sixty-Fifth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, now that I officially have eight months or I will in the frame of a few short hours and how have I spent this New Year’s Eve so far, well it wasn’t cleaning the house, and you know what that means. Hell at this time last year, I was working that much harder, so I’m not sure whether to be glad or sad about today’s turn of events; was I a better man, then or now dear Madam Justice?

The fact of the matter is already I’m one tough act to follow, of course, you’ve seen that in my many blog posts these days, where I continually ask myself, “where the Hell am I going” and with every conversation it’s the same, I Will Have No Fear, wherever that place is. How about the expression, lead, follow or get out the way, one more reason I move so fast as if I’m in some horror movie, but I shouldn’t flatter myself, the world is full of monsters, and honestly I played the victim for so long I don’t know how to stop. If I want something where nobody can follow me, it has to be making myself, well I can’t even speculate, and maybe I should resolve to stop being the number one bully kicking my ass (Language) noted.

Thinking on my resolutions are the same as last year’s which asks the question, did I go anywhere for 2017-2018; one and six, the only two that I kept out of ten and wouldn’t you know it I got two feet. Now since it’s blatantly obvious I’m not going anywhere tonight, I can contemplate the question, who will I be in this coming year and I don’t even need Idiocracy to tell me that, I’m sick of getting out of the way and who do I know worth following… better yet don’t answer that, I’m a guy. At the end of the day indeed, I’m only “trying” to outrun myself, my past and the future looks, well… let’s say I’m not closing my eyes and it hasn’t turned into Bird Box, yet; it’s everywhere already.

Should I believe, this passing year has made me harder, stronger, smarter, more like whatever doesn’t kill me better start running but is that because I’m predator or prey… honestly, I wish I could promise you I would be less cynical. I want every smile to be genuine, every laugh not to be noise to cover something else, all my fears to be conquered, Happy New Year Madam Justice but becoming such a man sigh One Tough Act To Follow.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 247 ~You Don’t Run From Beauty~

Would you rather be smart or beautiful, if you’re smart you would probably say beautiful, what’s one more dumb person but then again what’s one more pretty face, and I’m pretty stupid sadly. “You Don’t Run From Beauty” never.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Lesson 247 ~You Don’t Run From Beauty~

Twenty-Second Rule Madam Justice

I Am Not Afraid Anymore, my dog is the most fantastic thing ever, and my closet is full of color and skeletons, and as always I have been looked at as more of a beast, but there is no beauty to be found here. Music, Art, Poetry, etc. are beautiful; it’s widely known that medicine, law, business, engineering, these things give us what is thought to be civilization, but the beauty of women at least from my perspective is what gives life and sustains it.

The beauty of a woman is like a car wreck, you should mind your business, but you slow down; you inquire, and next thing you know you’ve created a more significant mess and you might die. At least a beast looks dangerous, cigarettes have warnings galore, but women hell in this day and age I think men are just idiots, which explains all the men in trouble these days; myself included hence the rule. Despite it all, I believe that beauty is a blessing rather than a curse, but that’s from the outside looking in, is it not; I’m not handsome, dashing, anything that can be mistaken for beautiful Justice.

“The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness” The Good Man, Fear the Walking Dead

It was not the beast that conquered beauty but beauty that overcame the creature; I could compare beauty to a virus but don’t I do that with just about everything, the thing is that it’s a virus you want to catch. It infects your mind, makes you dumber and quickly drives you mad, impairs your speech, blinds you both physically and mentally; it makes you hunger for that which is already a gift, life. Speaking of being, what about that which you do not find beautiful, strangely enough, the laws are written by the ugly, and some of the most beautiful who have no intention of becoming ugly don’t want to be known for the beauty that they possess honestly.

If this was that episode of The Twilight Zone “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” I would be dead already, well worse than that maybe and again I already am as I hear people say. All of me, outside and in depending on who you ask. A world full of beauty and I have known ugliness and nothing more so maybe my rule is somewhat off because truthfully whatever could I do to escape it, other than keeping “it” in my pants, my hands to myself, and what’s the rate on bell towers these days?

“Where you gonna go, where you gonna run, where you gonna hide? Nowhere… ’cause there’s no one like you left.” Carol Malone, Body Snatchers (1993)

Madam Justice have I ever been running or am I just letting it kill me, lust is a fever, want, desire, and what is beauty without a beast or could I become a man, a frog kissed by a princess; You Don’t Run From Beauty.

“Well, a respectable member of the medical community once told me that money can make anyone look beautiful.” Too Cute

I Will Have No Fear

No One Goes There

Nowhere to run or hide, to be stuck and afraid, or sometimes to even embrace this place in life, but who can truly do that? No One Goes There but how I have been reminded I was on my way so many years ago.

Where you gonna Turn
Which direction
Haven’t you learned?
Nothing but correction
Going round in circles

Left or right
By those that claim purple
Blinded by the light

Where you gonna Seek
Already there
What they say about the meek
Why should you care?
About a cure

The answer
It’s like cancer
Truth kills faster

Where you gonna Go
It’s a small world
Don’t you know?
So what if home were

Monsters don’t confess
You know the deal
A life repossessed

Where you gonna Run
Can you even see?
In the setting sun
All you have is feet
And then you fall

Flat on your face
Do you bawl?
When the monsters taste

Where you gonna Hide
Because you’ll believe the lie
Are you scared?
You should be

Already lost
Not like me
Your soul the cost

Where you gonna go
Run or hide
No one knows
Or finds

No One Goes There

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.