Episode 256 ~Will’s Mad For Maddy~

The second part of my experiment and is it scary that I find this last half better than the first about Amandla Stenberg a.k.a. “Madeline Whittier,” now that was so creepy, or so I guess, but I am a madman. Will’s Mad For Maddy

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Episode 256 ~Will’s Mad For Maddy~


Welcome, Mischievous Mouthy Maddy
How To Make One Million Dollars, singing and I do adore you when you sing to me. I have other plans for that mouth of yours. Babygirl, after all, haven’t you answered yes to everything? Yes, Master, more, and to you being mine? May I make suggestions to you here and now. While I have you on your knees, making love to my cock. Dare I say I like these sweet sounds even more so Maddy.

The first would have to be, never cut your hair ever again. Braids, pigtails, especially curly. My hands lost in a sea of black but never off. Now I’ll take your bobbing to mean that you agree with me. How about as more of a reminder I make sure to fist it tightly in bed. These snow-white sheets and the two of us colliding as you’re on all fours. Must be madness that I thought this could ever be us. Only who is crazier? Isn’t this the place you open up to me. You’re spreading your thighs as I slide between your folds. The only notes needed are the ones on your tongue, begging, pleading.

Some would call it Toxic. The way I want to have you all to myself, to be the air that you breathe. For you to lose your mind in thoughts of my desires, depravity and my dick, drives me so crazy too. That I can’t for this existence I live imagine how I kept it out of you for so long. Maybe your kiss was Poison, a pharmaceutical. A plot of a love story that we tell the world. Or perhaps no one at all as we find ourselves spent in every way. Hell Maddy, I will burn for you. I know, a Fever and perchance somehow or another I have fallen into a dark paradise of our limbs entwined. Trapped and only wanting more.

I don’t want to remember the man I was before you. Even thinking of the man I am after fucking you. He scares me and yet you do not run away. Or you can’t if I love you only in the way that you deserve to know love. Inside you in every way that I can be and much more. I don’t ever want to leave. Hard as it is and with only a look from you this madness. If we go out, THEY would say Will’s Mad For Maddy.

I Will Have No Fear

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