Episode 263 ~Your French Girls Will~

I have had so many muses, from A to B and they have all been pretty and wrong for me, and if it isn’t one bodily fluid, it’s another, sex and horror as Frankie Goes to Hollywood put it. Where’s an iceberg when I need it? Your French Girls Will

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Episode 263 ~Your French Girls Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, learn French and move to France. Hell if it worked for Benjamin Franklin, it would work for me. Only I failed French of course, too busy calling people “cowards.” What about that Time Machine construction seeing it’s Wednesday. Staying ahead?

Stories for another time but usually this is “sexy time…” How many references is that so far? The Last Dragon, Idiocracy, Katie O’Shaughnessy; so much to write Dirty Diana. Nevertheless aren’t I trying to be S Wolf, Todd Michaels, even the fictional Ian Anwell? Do you know what holy Hell it is to be surrounded by muses? In Ian’s case, he only had one but as for me? Yeah, I’m hitting that sweet spot between wanting to fuck Nonstop and being inspired. NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I have to be ready. At the moment I’m still thinking about “The Logos Girls.” Only Tuesday sigh it’s good I finally got my refund from Walmart. I have five words for you, “Eileen Kelly is in Playboy.”

Now if my video game antics have proven anything, it’s the fact that I love a good story. Give me a tale, and I would say I would give you my heart. No, more like my wallet as is the case of Eileen Kelly a.k.a KillerandaSweetThang. Why did I join Patreon again? Sure I wanted to see @courtscandyshop boobs. Just what made me sign on was getting into her head. Still, her story of abuse, assault, and a man’s amorality, turned me on. Fucked up for sure but no less so than most of the erotica I read. Except that’s fiction, I want a girl for body, breakability, and brains. However, this order is depending on the day and mood.

How many days has it been since Brainbuddy? As I said it’s almost time for some real writing. Only if I’m not getting that done, I should be reading. I don’t mean looking up Hannah Harper’s work in Funny Boners (2002) and Kill For Thrills. My apologies to the pornographic MlLF. Oh and there’s Amilia Onyx and Whitney Wright. Except for Hannah, girls with dark hair sigh but I should be sticking to the black words on the page. What Jack was able to do with Rose (In Pictures) I want to learn how to do with words. To be fair though he got to know Rose “biblically.” Now that is a language we all learn. Though when I was young, I believed the French excelled at that. So Hannah is English, Katie is Irish, and then we have American girls. Still To All Of You (women in general) today I’m not sorry. If it’s not panties, ball gags, or cocks going in your mouth, I would only like to write about you in some way. So what’s your story? Like Your French Girls Will?

I Will Have No Fear

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