Episode 270 ~Will Read In Bed~

Green, Yellow, Red, though I have always been one for brunettes myself, I can name quite a few redheads that aren’t pornstars; well until I head to “The Moonlite Bunny Ranch” someday, write my book, make a movie. Will Read In Bed.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Episode 270 ~Will Read In Bed~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, opening a novelty store on top of all my business ventures. I can’t say it was on my to-do list. Plenty of girls are but anyway the Moonlite BunnyRanch has one. So “Second Circle Creations” needs its Merch as well.

Today, however (Tuesday 26th) “I’m just a little Unwell” as the song goes. I wish I could believe that this is all about women. I hate when pretty girls die, Enid, Tara, Addy. Relax, I’m talking about The Walking Dead and how old is Addy or Kelley Mack? I am not my father. Violence against women is a big HELL NO. Only I am a dominant, so in the spirit of SSC, I do enjoy some rough play. Still today the only red I see besides my eyes is my wrist, from popping myself. Okay, so I have looked up several “redheads” or the like today. I need anything just anything to take the edge of today’s ugly events. I’m so greedy Dirty Diana that goes without saying but here:

  1. Two Different “Addys” Z Nation, TWD
  2. Tessa Fowler
  3. Siri
  4. Court
  5. Ruby Rae
  6. Alice Little

Of course, that’s in no particular order. The red hair gets to me today. Yesterday it was blondes. Tomorrow probably goldilocks but it’s something about seeing dark haired girls. Decapitated, heads on pikes, reanimated that turns me off. Call me crazy but Frankie? You know that’s it. Enid, Tara, and Addy, I felt such attraction to but Frankie, I guess I didn’t feel the same. Not that she’s unattractive, but I think I didn’t see enough of her. Like my writing, I always need a muse in reality. Which also explains why I suck at it. Me being a louse, and how dare I make lists, that’s trouble. For now, my problems are named STRESS, HUMILIATION, and RAGE. I swear, my blood was boiling. I could stomp my way to Hell itself. Damn my wrist is ready to fall off with my punishments, you know.

Get your mind out of the gutter Dirty Diana; you remain innocent. I’m the guilty one and let’s not go into politics. I’m talking about my fantasies. You know I told you about my Purge TV story? Two runaway cultists want to hide with me. They are willing to do anything to stay the night. After The Walking Dead episode “The Calm Before” I’d like to be Prince Henry. I have to choose between Lydia and Addy (age appropriate). Could be a voyeur/participant. As Enid, Tara, perhaps Addy try to “convince” The Whisperers not to kill them by any means necessary. Cruel fantasies you think and haven’t I talked about escape. Should I instead be kept to the red of my anger? Some woman, book, or sweet dream. My Dirty Diana, Will Read In Bed.

I Will Have No Fear

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