Episode 274 ~Necessity The Mother Of Invention~

The universe brings what you need, I said I needed time, to relax, and the grind and while I’m not going into everything I did today, five-thousand words needed to get done and my novel is starting. “Necessity The Mother Of Invention.”

Monday, April 1, 2019

Episode 274 ~Necessity The Mother Of Invention~

Seventy-Eighth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, as you know, I’m discovering new teachers daily. How I wish I collected mentors as fast as I collect pictures of breasts. Only it was two pairs sent only to me that made me break my fast. Not that I’m getting down on myself, positive vibes, good thoughts. Like The Secret, teaches. Still, like porn it’s unavoidable. It’s like my anger at the day job as always Madam Justice.

Becoming a better “person” is necessary, and so I seek out the tools to get it done. Now I know you’re not Lady Sophia. Nevertheless, The Secret continues to speak about the law of attraction. As I said yesterday, things I once thought impossible have now “manifested” here. As far as my inventions, I’m still working around and without energy shots. So sometimes I keep my mouth full of candy. Can’t start choking, silences a few choice words on my tongue and a lot tastier. I should also add that today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo. Today was quite a brainstorm finding something to write now. Want to talk about my goals, Fifty Thousand Words sounds about right?

What about all that time I spent writing that story about TURKEYS taking over the world. All that was all written by hand somehow. However haven’t I said, that writing will be my escape. Now turkeys can’t fly; yes, I looked up that question. Do you think that God created Jesus to understand humanity? To know life one must experience this our human condition? No, I’m still not a Christian believer. From now on I’m a believer in me? Didn’t I say yesterday that I would; damn, you see this goes back to all these new teachers. The Secret teaches one to FEEL. Only Hemingway will still flag me for being unsure of myself always.

To be a better man Madam Justice, every week it’s at the top of the list. Another teacher suggests that writing those things down is terrible. I should take on the concept of Pinterest, Spotify, or YouTube. What I see, hear, and speak the most is what comes through no doubt. I can realize the value of meditation in my daily grind Justice. There’s a need for that true silence for a world full of noise that fills your head. I write every day, so I can one day spend my time sleeping without a care in life. Whatever it is that I need to win at life finally. It’s as “THEY” say Madam Justice, Necessity The Mother Of Invention.

“You will attract everything that you require” ― The Secret

I Will Have No Fear

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