Episode 285 ~Will Is Cloning Around~

I love success, more than I like to sleep, though there is a part of me that wants nothing but a bed and by next month I’ll be in full recovery mode, with another first draft and as always, a million dollars. Will Is Cloning Around

Friday, April 12, 2019

Episode 285 ~Will Is Cloning Around~

Hey Lady Sophia,
How To Make One Million Dollars? Well at least for an hour and a half, sometimes less. (Thank You B III) I can believe, I have it sitting in the bank. I could if I published a book you think? Still, even in that, they all turn out the same Lady Sophia.

You know how I tend to put myself into every novel I write. Of course, talking to you and the girls will get the “real” man arrested at some point. Then thrown into a cold cell; I had to turn the A/C on today, again Triple B is happy in his way. Even something as small as this forces me to evolve to learn and grow. “In My Place” as it were; and from dreams to books, and of course “The Law Of Attraction.” I will one day find myself working out of a brothel. So today in my story, Dr. Ember Bridgette Morgan a.k.a. “Angie Griffin.” Also (The Blonde) a.k.a. Alison Angel will discover their bosses are clones of the Main Character. Like Shusaku, Isaku, Kisaku from the Hentai.

Hell, why am I even talking about porn today? Other than the stresses of the Day Job and I come back, attempting to be a better man. Is Chinese food fit right? Doing the Morning Routine, meditation, hypnosis, breathing exercises, rewriting the man I am. Every one of these teachings, some say to work hard. Others speak you have to believe and live as though you have everything you want. Then there’s the one that is going to stay up late, writing the story because I can’t fall behind again. My characters find themselves lost, as I am as of late. If only compared to my life? Yes leave me to wander around a book store looking at half-naked females, and I would be good.

As made as my reputation is at the Day Job. See I had to stop the name calling that was coming and think “One Million Dollars.” Anyway, how they see me at work is written in stone, and that’s exactly how I feel when I walk in. The question is, who in the world do I want to be in the end. So I know, it’s why I’m up so late because this is my life, I’m fighting for, running to, writing down. So don’t think Will Is Cloning Around.

I Will Have No Fear

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