Episode 286 ~All Night Wrong Will~

Sleep is for those people who are broke, and I’m not, now or ever, though I want to break all the clocks in the house, I could use one from the novel, if only a little bit, and when’s the last time I cracked open a book to read, All Night Wrong Will.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Episode 286 ~All Night Wrong Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars? you know last week I talked about bottling that feeling “HAPPINESS.” Well like all of my novels so far, nothing came of it, not that today was terrible. Please Universe, hear me on that. I still want what I want. I am a millionaire; I am in love. I am still B III’s father. I am not tired; I am powerful, Lady Lu I am happy.

Ask me why did it take me this long to say all of this tonight. Now the ideas have been flowing, and my fingers have been available but the Will. Well, I’m here now, and the doubts are creeping in. Case and point, I’m still in the bed. I should be at my table, and I’ll get there soon enough. If anything my belief in extreme wealth has kept me going so far. Nowadays, I ask myself why I’m so ready to believe in two and not many more millions. Boobs, Lady Lu and take right now this moment I won’t attempt to get all sexual making a long night longer. Now didn’t that sound all kinds of wrong? What I’m usually writing about at this hour, you know Lu.

I’m a dreamer, and the best way to utilize that would be, on a pillow. The staring up at the white ceiling, like last night. How I so prefer the darkness in the room, or of my eyelids. Have I mentioned how much I miss sleep? Then there’s that head down below. Only somehow it manages to maneuver itself between my heart and my brain. Even if the fingers are alright, it’s like attempting to talk ten men off the edge of my laptop. While I may be into motivational speakers, I could never be one. Instead, I prefer to tell people what to do through my writing, my characters. There are many countless hours and consumers galore. Those will be the reality soon enough.

As I was telling “Indiana Gone,” it’s so hard not playing “Branch” from Trolls. Only is now the time to play therapist? I said before when my Olds had me on medication, on a night like this I would do a dance flushing it down the toilet. The wasted dollars, moments and plenty of words. However tonight I’m not even cleaning up for a pretty girl. Don’t ask me about the girls when it comes to my novel; it gets ugly; All Night Wrong Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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