Episode 305 ~Will And Dead Lines~

Can I pick only one fantasy? There are going to be plenty of wardrobe changes and even more malfunctions? So here I am ready to do it all without energy drinks since writing and sex keep me up most nights. Will And Dead Lines

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Episode 305 ~Will And Dead Lines~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now. Well, at least I saved sixty bucks since “Okay” didn’t show. I haven’t talked to “MILF Dos” in quite some time. One more girl isn’t comfortable getting naked on camera. Now, Dirty Diana, I wanted to continue our discussion from yesterday. I wanted to get real, and I’m actively attempting to tone down some things. Still, I’m upset I missed that contest on Goodreads. Only, between completing Camp NaNoWriMo and well some other women drool.

So I’ve been talking to two recently, redheads and I shared two fantasies for my trip around Nevada way. Positive vibes as always. The first one is with @TheAliceLittle and @TheRubyRae as my stars. They play two of the girls from that cult from @ThePurgeTV. I’ll be celebrating my Purge from @RenoPeppermill. So Alice and Ruby will need a place to hide from what all the men want to do with them outside. Why should I hmm seeing as how my first Purge victim didn’t get delivered. How will they convince me to let them stay, there’s one right way?

My next fantasy comes from Detroit Become Human. Now while I like North plenty you know, Kamski had a thing for the Chloe model. I can only imagine Todd bending Kara over the sink sometimes. Sex dolls are becoming the rage, and we do have androids. Yes, I have made an “investment,” but as always I’m a traditionalist. I want the real thing and two girls playing androids wishing to serve their owner. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But, Chloe and Kara are both blondes; redheads would be something but wigs? I haven’t decided yet, and of course, there’s an issue.

There are four months from May 1st yesterday. I have to make one million which explains me finishing my book now. Again Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy energy. I still believe the UNIVERSE is attempting to make that happen since I’m not paying four other ladies. The fantasies keep flowing. Arya and Sansa, Katniss and Primrose, Two Witches. I have a thing about the big sister little sister dynamic, age appropriate of course. I could do much worse fantasies though. For example, one ranch has a Princess Suite, and I said yesterday I’m a fan of Vault Girls. Four words Dirty Diana “Humbert, Humbert, Eileen Kelly.

Enough money and I don’t have to talk; hope publishing isn’t Will And Dead Lines.

I Will Have No Fear

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