Episode 357 ~Backbreaking Escape Of Will~

One more week down, I only worked three days but between shuffling B III between the Vet and back home so I could go shopping, from buying Chinese “everything” to stopping at Taco Bell am I carrying the world or traveling. Backbreaking Escape Of Will

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Episode 357 ~Backbreaking Escape Of Will~

To Will:
I AM a Millionaire right now, and you have gained a dollar more. $565.16 if we count up your savings to this point today. So why should you be afraid? Do yourself a favor and don’t ponder that question. If anything you’re more pissed; animals don’t know any better, but people do and let’s say that today was a long walk. A long walk for Atlas for its one thing to have the world on your shoulders. Now take that same world when it’s in pieces trying to keep it all together Will.

No wonder all you want to do is rest. Eric Thomas says if you can look up, you can get up. I don’t think he was talking about the internet. What have you searched this week that helps with your future? A Cup Cuties #2 with Alyssa Branch, there’s Marsha May, how about Sara Luvv from FTV Girls. My how you do enjoy “Is That Porn” even yesterday you were too far gone. Hell, last night was better than the one before, B III going all over the place. Surprised your neck doesn’t have more kinks, up down, over and over. If we’re going to talk about kinks from Fondling Fetching Faith, to Latex Losing Lena. My Mistress Mattress Michon. Don’t look down, right but it beats the shit (LANGUAGE) all over the place. Speaking of which, Six Impossible Things:

  1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 001 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
    Failed (Day 003 No Fap)
  2. I Will Be The “Father” B III Deserves
  3. I Will Name My Novel And Write A Back Cover Of It
  4. I Will Review The Five
  5. I Will Have “GULP” Published, $1,212 Outskirts Press
  6. I Will Finish Reading Beauty in the Broken: A Diamond Magnate Novel by Charmaine Pauls Failed
  1. I AM Keeping It In My Pants (Day 003 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
  2. I AM Always The “Father” B III Deserves
  3. I AM Naming My Novel And Writing A Back Cover Of It
  4. I AM Reviewing The Five
  5. I AM Preparing For NaNoWriMo, A New Novel
  6. I AM Finishing Reading Beauty in the Broken: A Diamond Magnate Novel by Charmaine Pauls

Burn rubber as the song goes, but your soul needs rest. No, I’m not going to get all religious on you or become your teacher, another zero. The fact that you got up and aren’t going back to bed. Lounging on pillows or the love seat sigh. That my friend is a miracle, it’s you attempting to escape your mediocrity. For others, it’s far too easy running away, a blocked button, a monstrous word like stalking. How about another sort of report card? According to Pinterest though my influence is growing. You’re so full of quotes today like that one from O’Brien in 1984. What about Beauty in the Broken that you should have read by now. You spend so much time down that the book looks brand new when you rise again. Is that why all these synapses are firing off now, The Kinks, HIMYM, Victoria, Don’t Look Down, Biker Boyz, on and on.

“Burn rubber but not your soul” Biker Boyz

“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.” 1984

You’re Limitless, but you must know Backbreaking Escape Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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