Gospel 008 ~Gaming Drives Will Nuts~

One more week, and what have I done with it? Have I written, read, and if I were going to goof off, why not fire up the PS4. Hell, I’m lucky Far Cry 5 doesn’t have sex, but I’m about to buy Final Fantasy VII for umm “reasons.” Gaming Drives Will Nuts

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Gospel 008 ~Gaming Drives Will Nuts~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I should have plenty of time for gaming. Hell, what have I done today besides playing The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, and Call me a LEGEND. I’ve also continued to fantasize about Final Fantasy VII, and I discovered yet another artist, QOCWorkblog. For all the complaining, I want to do about MILF Dos and Cherry. I was an idiot with M Anime this morning. The last thing I need is a plethora of real Yabbos. Then again, why was I so lazy today?

I’m sure I’ve told you my story of how I wanted to see Ayeka Masaki Jurai naked. Well, more to the point, I wanted to see her covered in cum. It’s a bit ironic, all my life trying to get girls naked, but what’s my fetish? As the song goes, “I, got a fetish for fuckin you witcha skirt on.” These days it seems I pay more for persona over the person. Look, TRUST is a big deal when it comes to a Dom and a Sub. The thing is no one does, and I can’t blame them. Now, this isn’t sex-related because I don’t “swing that way,” but this guy asked yesterday to cut the grass. I agreed, but did I trust him? To quote yet another song, “And my mind, my gun they comfort me.” Nothing happened though, nice guy, did his job, I paid, and he left. If I have learned anything, it’s that Yabbos complicate things.

It’s why I have been focusing on disks, phones, and art. One way or another, a girl ends up on her back, but these girls aren’t real. To be sure if they were AHEM, Vault Girls, for example, yeah, I’d be done for. These game girls stay in character; people create histories for them. I haven’t read Too Late by Colleen Hoover in forever. I did read that comic I bought from Affect3D yesterday and today, which explains my lateness besides living NO FAP. I’m about to reach Day Eleven, and Momokun Cosplay was about to break me. Gamer girls get me Dirty Diana, but may I confess something. Partway through, I covered her face and imagined her Yabbos belonged to Cherry. Yeah, I’m still not writing for Camp NaNoWriMo.

People say games make psychos, some are making me perverted, so Gaming Drives Will Nuts.

I Will Have No Fear

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