Gospel 009 ~Willie That’s Your Story~

Didn’t I say something about writing real-life last week? It is starting to catch up to my fictional world, and even eclipse it. I guess that’s why today I finally came up with a plot, and still, I have to ask? Willie That’s Your Story

Friday, July 10, 2020

Gospel 009 ~Willie That’s Your Story~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s because I write good stories… Yeah, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. One more reason to love the plague era we’re in. Speaking of which, I should get this story out of my mind. Don’t worry, it’s true. I talked about this yesterday, a man wanting to cut the lawn and earning TRUST. As for today, I faced my “father.” His car went dead. A tale of TERROR, if anything. If you’re looking for something with a TERRIFIC ending. My granddaddy is alive, so is my younger sister after getting the Coronavirus.

Now don’t get on me about not using the term “Happy Ending.” Hell, today I had to get up from Mariah Mallard, a.k.a. Momokun’s massive Yabbos. I wonder which is more offensive, either wanting to FAP to her and who doesn’t? Pretending that her Yabbos are Cherry’s. Yeah again, covering her face and mouthing Cherry’s name. How about the fact that I want to put them both in the novel I should be writing? The real-life adventures of Will are either scary or dull as everything. To this day, I still say, bring on the zombies already. While I was with my father, I was thinking I would end up another statistic. Say, Waiting While Black in front of a gas station. Anyway, so besides hearing my father’s stories, what about the one that’s waiting.

“For A Fine, Cherry Spread,” and yes Lady Sophia, that is a working title. I finally came up with a theme, a concept, a plot, whatever. Father Win William Bridgman is still mourning the loss of Cherry and her Mum. He and his son are at odds over how he tried to protect Cherry, whose a murderess of several young girls. Having been “banished” from The Moondust. Father Bridgman takes his fleshly pleasures from Amia Jocelyn Everhart (MILF Dos). Bastian Barks Bennett’s wife, a.k.a. Evie Gabriela Bennett (Carrie Cummings) wants to repair her family. Amia hatchets a plot to inform Evie of her Father-In-Law’s businesses. Threatening to go to the police. Father Bridgman kidnaps her, further increasing the divide of father and son. Cherry’s memories will serve as evidence through diary entries, videos, and more.

I’m still messing up the story though both fiction and reality when it comes to life. With my lifestyle and still, Willie That’s Your Story.

I Will Have No Fear

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