Gospel 016 ~Lists, Giving Me Willies~

The plot of my fictional story is coming along all on its own. As far as my real life, though, grocery lists, lists of excuses, the Six Impossible Things that I’m never doing. It’s not Fear but rather Laziness. Lists, Giving Me Willies

Friday, July 17, 2020

Gospel 016 ~Lists, Giving Me Willies~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I have many sources of income. Yet again, I become a broken record because of all the ways I wish to accomplish this. I want to write books, own brothels and have bikini babes. Yes, I’ve been listening to Tony Montana, you know the money, the power, the woman. Right now, though, I would kill for a pizza, which brings me to tonight. I couldn’t get it up to find three toppings I liked to have on it now.

How about the lists of names for characters in my book? It was a miracle I even worked on it at all. Still, I got around to adding Lilith Cassandra Swann, played by Tifa Lockhart. There’s also Aurora Leanna Till, who’s supposed to be Aerith Gainsborough. Do those names sound SEXY? What about all the women I’ve wanted to cave to? I swear I haven’t thought about MILF Dos in a while. Of course, what I mean by that is I haven’t been drooling over her pictures, which I deleted off my phone. I still have Cherry’s, but I’m not salivating over her either. I did download some Final Fantasy VII Porn and some more Momokun. Now, this is a blessing in disguise. See, the ISP is sucking at their jobs, so the internet connection has been crappy. No Wi-Fi, no “adult entertainment” except what I got already. No worries?

On the other hand, what about that big stack of emails and aren’t I going to be busy tomorrow. No, I don’t need to write my book, let me note every problem I’m having in this life at the moment. Lady Sophia, doesn’t that make perfect sense. Isn’t it working on my Six Impossible Things every Sunday? There’s so much I need to buy for the house, but I didn’t start today. I did meet the lawn guy again. One way or another, some white guy is getting my money, but I could have told him no, right? Speaking of even more money, I’m losing track of all the Submissive clothing I bought. I broke down and bought Tifa’s dress and not a girl to be seen in my house. I’m not writing love stories, though, as my current novel has made quite obvious all on its own for today.

One day I’ll write DONE on Lists, Giving Me Willies.

I Will Have No Fear

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