Gospel 015 ~Wooing What Woman Will~

Well, last week I talked about buying Final Fantasy VII… Sigh, I bought something from that game, damn you Amazon and your “order soon” warning. With my luck, any woman I end up with will be up a size, not that it’s bad. “Wooing What Woman Will”

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Gospel 015 ~Wooing What Woman Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and do you want to know why? I’ve dreamed of this. Because at the end of my day to put it simply, I’m one greedy bastard. I was going to say S.O.B., but I love and respect my mother. So this should make today’s conversation easier, killing my hard-on right.

In 1993 I would have been a nine-year-old. On that year, Whitney Houston released a cover of I’m Every Woman, again thanks, Mom. Indecent Proposal the movie also came out. What do any of my pop culture references have to do with one another? Well, my Mom was receiving her Victoria’s Secret catalogs. I didn’t start Fapping till I was older, but ladies in their underwear hmm. I could never pick only one girl, I wanted them all. Plus, even back then, I learned the value of making money. Hell, I hate people touching me now, but for “hugs,” old people would give me a dollar. Such is a promise of affection, so I’ve observed.

My closet is one immense promise of affection. I have everything from Playboy Sexy Scholar to Enchanted Bikinis Belle. I’m also adding The Little Mermaid Seafoam Dress. I have a Chinese Cheongsam Costume, a sexy Alice In Wonderland outfit, I wish I could thank MILF Dos for that one. I even have that bikini and thigh highs Teen Starlet Macey wore (cue Homer Drool). Anyway, my point is that when I have a Submissive, she can be any woman I want her to be. It’s like what tickles my peach at any given moment? Currently, you know it’s been all about dark hair, dammit MILF Dos as the song goes, I won’t go getting tired of you. Well, I’m still all about Aerith Gainsborough, Jessie Rasberry, and oh yeah Cherry. Only now, it’s Adelaide Kane from The Purge, young love.

Which brings me to Indecent Proposal. I know that everyone has a price, maybe not monetarily though that’s debatable. Take, for example, Zarah from Snowpiercer. For the record, I want to fuck her and Josie, Melanie, Ruth, Jinju, Till, and especially LJ and Alexandra. So did I miss anybody? Back to my point, another song… “And if you pay the right price, your evening will be nice, and you can go and send me on my way.” To hold such beliefs, Dirty Diana better to keep it In The Closet.

But Wooing What Woman Will?

I Will Have No Fear

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