Gospel 014 ~Will’s Tiff With Tifa~

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Gospel 014 ~Will’s Tiff With Tifa~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can afford to be all Hoity-Toity. My grandmother told me pride was my sin though we’ve discussed this before. Here’s My Big Three Inspector Echo, Lust, Anger, and Sloth. Already I’m off-topic because I want to talk about Tifa Lockhart duh. So forgive me, Inspector, getting carried away.

Now, as has been the plot of my life story these past few weeks AHEM years… I’m Yabba Dabba Doo for Yabbos. I watched some of Malibu’s Most Wanted, don’t be hatin’. Anyway, Tifa reminds me of a girl, no a woman, well a MILF I once knew. SIGH, seeing as how I can’t see the MILF anymore, I’ve spent plenty of my money on Tifa’s Yabbos. I swear with everything going on with NO FAP (15 days, 17 hr, 50 min, 45 sec). Inspector Echo I have been tempted this MILF and Cherry $500.00 to see their Yabbos. How do I mitigate this coming disaster? How much “ART” have I bought? I’m still staring at Tifa’s Mature Dress on Amazon. I’m thinking about signing up for Momokun’s OnlyFans. Because I can pretend her Yabbos are Cherry’s. I’ve even looked up for the record English BBW tits (pardon my French).

Secondly, you know I’m not one for charity. I don’t understand why the low should give to the lowest. It’s nothing wrong with it, but the high and mighty have everything. With a mere snap of their fingers and/or wallets, they could bring utopia. Put your dollars where your mouth is, right? I give to the following groups, those that support stray dogs and cats and people with pets. The other being girls that… say it with me, Show Me Their Yabbos and everything else.

Lastly, what about money for myself? I’m not starving. I have thousands, not close to ten, but I get by. However, I get mad that I’m walking around in $9.00 shoes to walk My Dæmon. My $20.00 boots are for work. I sleep so much because I don’t eat so well as I won’t spend the cash, which brings me right back to Tifa. I told you I still want her dress, the shoes, damn I have a whole closet full of Submissive Wear. Now only if I were Emeric Marceaux with Ivory, or had a Rainey Summer Day hmm.

Sorry, I’m falling for Tifa Lockhart. Will’s Tiff With Tifa.

I Will Have No Fear

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