Gospel 029 ~When Will Finds Pieces~

As the song goes, don’t know what you got till it’s gone. Is that what “PMO” is to me? It’s been nearly a whole month, not that I’m missing the “P” part but MO are driving me up the wall. Give me some peace or a piece. When Will Finds Peace

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Gospel 029 ~When Will Finds Pieces~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but there is still no peace to be found. As always, I remain greedy as all Hell. There’s always more girls to love or more girl to love. Only it is not this day Dirty Diana. Now before I get all into “sexy time,” I’m 32 Days into NO FAP.

Yesterday I was all into Yabbos, Tits, Dirty Pillows um Dirty Mom Tits, and yes, I still miss MILF Dos. The fact is, these days I’m noticing every part of a girl. Usually, I’m one for the whole package, and isn’t that how it should be? Still going this long… hell, it’s like I’m appreciating every bit of a girl. I was even looking at Cherry’s nail polish, and all I have been thinking about are hand-jobs and cumming on a pretty face. I don’t know why I thought this up, but my mind pulled Jaime Pressly out from that movie Ringmaster. It could have been from DOA: Dead or Alive. Dirty Diana, I can’t quite put my finger on it, other than the fact she was with black guys in both. Make no mistake Dirty Diana. I will always be a breast man. It is sweet, albeit infuriating when you have so many places you want to cum, though.

Which brings me to Momokun. Yes, I want to fuck her, but nine out of ten, she is reminding me of Cherry. I would tell you who MILF Dos reminds me of, but do I really want that exposure? Anyway, bigger is better, or so THEY say. The strange thing is, every submissive outfit I buy is for someone, Tifa Lockhart’s, Aerith Gainsborough’s, Cindy Aurum’s size. Yes, I’ve been lost in Final Fantasy Porn again even tonight. However, maybe I do that because I really want to see Cherry’s Yabbos, so why bother buying clothes?

Because it brings me peace? I’ve often brought up Dark Notes and how Emeric Marceaux bought stuff for Ivory when he couldn’t have her. Rainey Summer Day drove a plethora of men crazy. Again someone said that a girl should make your dick hard and not your life. M Anime has undoubtedly been doing that when it comes to my dick at least. Mention sex and see how quickly a man will respond… my afternoon.

So many pieces big and small… When Will Finds Pieces.

I Will Have No Fear

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