Gospel 043 ~A Doc Or Will~

Last week, I said something to the tune of “livin’ on a prayer,” quoting yet another song *AHEM* “she’s the girl all the bad guys want.” Well, not this bad guy, not anymore, if anything, I need “A Doc Or Will.”

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Gospel 043 ~A Doc Or Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but what does that do for a broken heart? No, I refuse to flatter her like that. I’ll say my wounded pride and a case of blue balls. Today I can say I’m NOT “Ready For Love” as the song goes. What are the chances of Sexual Healing, these days? It was only yesterday I got that Seafoam Dress from Enchanted Bikinis, minus the girl. Hell, it’s like I’m telling myself I deserve better because of MILF Tres… Sorry, Dirty Diana. I don’t want to sound mean. Indeed, I’m deaf, dumb, and slow, so STUPID.

It’s why I haven’t ever considered becoming a doctor. Now, if you promised me Takeuchi Nanami from Kojin Taxi? Yeah, that’s what I need, more ideas of what to buy on Amazon. Here I go, attempting to inoculate myself with porn. These days though, I’m more disgusted. What do I get from playing, Call me a LEGEND for days on end? All on the grounds of wanting to see Lareina and Rachel’s Yabbos? I never will, but of course, there are other Yabbos I’ll never see again. For now, it’s the same routine, blocks after having been blocked ha. I’ve never been one for damage control. If anything, schoolgirls are more my speed, not naughty nurses with the exception up above. I could go into some pretty twisted fantasies but again, not in the mood.

One more reason to tie girls up with something more than their underwear. My how chains and whips excite me. Well more the links, but I’ve wasted enough money on fast food today. I should invest in a ball gag, but still stuffing panties down someone’s throat is pretty sweet. Do I sound sick to you, Dirty Diana? I’ve been rereading W. Anton’s book, well ten minutes of it anyway, and it says, to be direct. It also talks about not having to chase money and success for women. All of this for tomorrow, hmm?

Tonight it’s like I’m dying and no not because of some woman. I’m fighting the ghosts of my past, and nothing shuts them up more than the moans of the living. It’s so much I want to show you, but it’s getting late, Dirty Diana. Two days of No FAP, so my energy is nil. No Sexual Healing, do I need A Doc Or Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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