Gospel 044 ~Mo Willy, Mo Genre~

Someone once said, Mo Money, Mo Problems, I say, come give me the drama. I would be “happy” if my writing brought me both and who knows what else. To this day, I dare to call what I write erotica, and everything else is honesty. “Mo Willy, Mo Genre.”

Friday, August 14, 2020

Gospel 044 ~Mo Willy, Mo Genre~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, or I could be if I took to heart the words of some famous authors. Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, W. Anton, to name a few. Didn’t I once ask the legitimacy of listening to a bunch of white guys (is W. Anton white) I don’t know?

Anyway, when it comes to reading nonfiction books, it’s usually some white guy leading the way. No wonder my country is so screwed. Don’t worry, though, Lady Sophia, I’m not diving into politics today. Hell, if I woke up earlier, which I can say about a lot of people. At least on my Amazon List, I made a note to add a lot of black authors. Again though, I’m late to the party. I can’t get it up to read a book that has to be in my top five of all time. I even found the audio addition this afternoon. Yes, I’ve been asleep that long today, that’s lazy. You know the whole truth will set you free concept.

Knowing the truth seems to be a never-ending struggle. I’m only trying to pull that other person outside of me as my motivations preach. His story Lady Sophia has yet to be told… he remains lying in bed this moment.

Speaking of my writing, which is all fiction except for my conversations with you and the girls. Oh yes, girls, if anything today, I’m still thinking about that Nurse and Kimono girl from Kojin Taxi (Sex Taxi). When it comes to my novels, I will admit women are usually the victims. The exceptions being the Basic Bitch and Cherry, who were both villainesses. For somebody that can’t get it up to write. Here I am imagining a third novel involving Cherry, and before she gets a big head, how many does the Basic Bitch have?

I try to write “sweet” Lady Sophia. Notice I didn’t say I want to. I attempted to write a YA novel some time ago, which led to nowhere. Don’t they all? I wonder who holds the pen or pushes the buttons. You’re not Dirty Diana but one hand to my work, the other on my penis. My art could be funny, but most comedians delve into the truth. All I want is hilarious animal voiceovers from Tony Baker and John Hunt. I should be writing.

LSV, SEX, 666 always with Yabbos; Mo Willy, Mo Genre.

I Will Have No Fear

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