Gospel 085 ~Will’s St. Louis Lucidity~

I was never much of a car junkie, and while I can be as greedy as all Hell, it’s never been for money. I have talked often enough of what drives me crazy and still somehow. “Will’s St. Louis Lucidity”

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Gospel 085 ~Will’s St. Louis Lucidity~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but where do I get off? Hell, more to the point, WHEN do I get off. Now I’m not one for toilet humor, and I leave my potty mouth to the bedroom… mostly. Anyway, I will say Wed, September 23, 2020, at approximately 1:55 pm. Yes, I’m gross, perverted, skeevy too SIGH. What can I say? Kamryn has nice legs and black strappy heels? Now I’m usually a breast man, of course. Also, what’s wrong with liking Lucy Tyler. How about Hentai like St. Louis Luxurious Wheels of Azur Lane?

It’s as if my mind is trying its damnedest to take my mind off of MILF Dos and Cherry. Now, like Cherry, we’ll discuss maybe. Lucy is the next best thing to MILF Dos. I never know what turns me on from moment to moment. Why I want a brothel? Entertainment purposes and a whole lot of money. To be honest, I always figured sex would be a lot more plentiful in an apocalypse. Nope, instead of zombies, we have cultists. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) being an airborne pathogen instead of bites or cuts… Yeah, let’s not get into my usual brothel story, set in the time of plague. So what’s Lucy’s tale other than “Lucy Blew” from Street Blowjobs? Life, my Dirty Diana, is not a porno, but what if. The love of money.

For me yet again, that loving feeling is usually made for Yabbos. I’m generally looking up Momokun’s or, recently, Marshmallowmaximus. Now, as hot as St. Louis is “Lucky Lou,” I doubt she’s the reason I lost my Pinterest account. Well, you never know these days? Hentai drove me crazy a long time ago. One more story I would repeat, but I’m motivated. One day down without fapping to the blue-haired vixen. I am still heavy into brunettes and dark hair. No wonder my subconscious must be telling me to lighten up a bit, you think?

Last but not least, my latest read, Succubus, by A.J. Markam. Since I lost all of the pictures, I might as well dive into thousands of words. Ian was talking about the girl of his dreams. If I had a dollar for every time, I thought that. I saved some.

Only I’d spend them on Yabbos. Big ones, girls with tattoos, and BBW. I’m crazy yet Will’s St. Louis Lucidity.

I Will Have No Fears

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