Gospel 084 ~Not Easy Being Will~

How many times this month will I ask the question, “What’s My Age Again?” Speaking of ripping off a song, what about Kermit, the Frog? I’m also trying to remember my colors, while but one really matters, GREEN. Not Easy Being Will

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gospel 084 ~Not Easy Being Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I’m not a Republican. Now I like GREEN as much as the next guy. Yes, I can be as YELLOW as any one of them. God help me when it comes to WHITE women. I can name two BLACK ones. One’s my 2nd BFF, the other’s iffy, so I wish. If I’m going to focus on something in my pants, let it be the money. I’m still time traveling, so today is Monday, Inspector Echo. My first sin is being a liar about the cash. No, I would have stayed at the Day Job. Hell, I wouldn’t have slept all day away, but I did.

Fortunately for most people, when I see RED, it’s at myself. One more reason I hate looking in mirrors. Tom Bilyeu, a motivational speaker I’m into, said this: “No one will ever hate you with the intensity that you can hate yourself.” That’s some honesty. Enlightening, I say, like all of a sudden noticing the BLUE sky. Only Existence Day, well all of Existence Month has been nothing but BLUE. I don’t need to look up once for raindrops, bird droppings, and dust to cover me. Um, yep, I need an eye check-up soon. Always on the lookout for my Oldman and the PURPLE of his fraternity logo. If I want to talk about PURPLE, how about the mature dress covering Tifa’s Yabbos or how it’s removed. That’s the one good thing I’ve seen all day besides my Dæmon’s face.

Oh yeah, what about the PINK bra that Cherry was wearing. She’s still not talking to me. If I were her, I wouldn’t be speaking to me either with all the “edging” I’m doing. I did get in contact with Indiana Gone. Also, I owe M. Anime a yarn. Nope, I only slept away, SIGH.

None of my friends deserve the SILVER medal. Even that Inspector Echo reminds me of yet one more board I lost. St. Louis Luxurious Wheels Azur Lane. I told you I had to scrap the Pinterest App with my muscle memory going on. My thumbs know my mind, ha, ha. Everything is keeping me from the GOLD, but it’s only me. Haven’t I done something with all the Colors of the Wind before? I’m sure I have when I should be focused on BLACK & WHITE. Not Easy Being Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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