Gospel 091 ~Willing To See More~

Well, I’ve seen the end of Existence month; everyone would talk about how horrible 2020 is looking. No zombies but the Cult of Trump, hell at least I respected Eden’s Gate. The debate last night SIGH. “Willing To See More,” people are a mess, me too.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Gospel 091 ~Willing To See More~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I’ve seen much of the world by now, right? No SIGH, especially now, but M. Anime suggested Amsterdam given my “interests.” I’ll admit that English accents turn me on ever since Hermione Granger. Now you know we’ll get to her. Yet more to the point, I like Cherry and her Mum’s Yabbos. Not that I’ve seen them, but I wish. There’s plenty of things I wish I hadn’t bared witness to. I’ll be careful what I wish for. Movies like 2008’s Blindness and 2018’s Bird Box creep me out.

Here we go, and yes, I blame myself, but I hate seeing me in the mirror every day. The television is right in front of it in my bedroom, and I covered one side with paperwork. I rarely use the full-body mirror. I avoid Snapchat if only for this reason. And still no physical issues. Well, speaking of problems, what about the Presidential Debate last night? How many times have I said that I need to stop listening to any old white man? Um, the ones I make heroes were surrounded by Beauties. Even with that, I’m voting for Biden. Ain’t That America? I love my country Inspector Echo, and I want to see her real again. All I see is hate, but then also, that isn’t so much the “battle of our time.” I see hatred in everything, and whether it be outside or within, what am I doing?

Want to see how ugly I can be, AHEM? I don’t need the plague era ending. No, Inspector Echo, I’m not saying I want more people to die. I mean with the masks, the munitions, the mass panic. I want more of it. This is the world I’ve desired and yet want to save? Entertainment wise, and yes, I turn towards the rest of the world. I lust for UK Bubbies, Russian Bewbz, and Japanese “Bazongas” um Girlfriend Reviews. Let’s not forget the Polish hmm. Between MILF Dos and a few Hentai artists, I’m keeping my bucks, or I was. Finally, I continue to hear these stories, and yes, while I’m not sure about looks, I think these photos make me “ugly.” Anyway, these women speak of such horrors, and what do I think honestly? Hot… I’m going to Hell.

Sorry to look but not see. Willing To See More

I Will Have No Fear

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