Gospel 092 ~Now Willy, It’s Only~

Why can’t I be happy with the few streaming services I have? No, not one of them is Pornhub, but I have paid a few artists, I have books galore with erotica, and am I’m counting free OnlyFans subscriptions. Now Willy, It’s Only $15.00, $10.00, $5.00?

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Gospel 092 ~Now Willy, It’s Only~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can subscribe to several OnlyFans accounts. You might find this hard to believe, but I’m not subscribed to any… that you have to pay for. Okay, sure, when I signed up for OnlyFans, I did pay to see Jada Jinxx. Oh yeah, and Mia Rose, who’s legendary. Karlee Grey got me. Even now, I got a message from a girl for a free thirty-day subscription. Fortunately, and sadly, I’m a lot more reasonable than I was last night. Yes, I broke again, but I did save $15.00.

It’s only $15.00, I kept saying to myself and for what. Dirty Diana, I can’t even estimate how many photos I have of Tifa Lockhart’s Yabbos. Now seeing her Yabbos in a wedding dress. I’ve imagined plenty of Yabbos in wedding dresses with Pinterest suspension. Hold on, it’s only logical. You remember how I was with Dear Future Wife, and I often had interracial married couples. In fact, I broke yesterday because of something innocent… I said something once about “Kleenxing Knockers,” I remember. Entertainment SIGH only about some blond girl on a bridge in a purple dress that I can’t find for the life of me. Instead, I broke to another blonde in blue, and here I am clear-headed and pretty damn disappointed. Now not in her but myself.

It’s only natural, Fapping that is. Hell, I’m trying not to because I sent a message to that girl about the subscription. Now I’m sitting here $5.00 lighter for seeing her tits. A great man talked about his balls and his word. However, there goes $10; I promise I’ll stop. Incredible that it’s only that easy to get me to spend money. Fuck Dirty Diana, if it were that simple with Cherry, M. Anime, MILF Dos (COUGH) $300. Where do I get off saying I’ve never paid for sex? Um, Uncontrollable Lust, SubscribeStar.adult, my investment. As Heather Nova sings, “It’s Only Love,” and plenty have said that money can’t buy me what, love. I told a friend that I’m not looking for it. To this day, I believe my purpose is… what Yabbos, that’s sad.

It’s Only me, reading a book called Succubus by A.J. Markam. One of my novels made women into monsters out for bucks, balls, and blood. How much more will they get? Now Willy, It’s Only

I Will Have No Fear

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