Gospel 113 ~Will’s Bipartisan Bedtime Beliefs~

What’s a bed for anyway, unless I can cut my phone off because I’m not using it to read books. I have way too many electronics around, and all my religious books are paperbacks, ha-ha. “Will’s Bipartisan Bedtime Beliefs,” but I’m not up praying.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Gospel 113 ~Will’s Bipartisan Bedtime Beliefs~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I shouldn’t be going to bed alone. If you ever want a goodnight’s sleep, a fapping session is in order, but yeah, that’s off the table or the mattress. I’m 5 days in with NO FAP, which means I spend most nights “up.”

I’m talking “All The Way Up,” Dirty Diana. Why else would I be so late talking to you? It’s 3:36 in the afternoon. I honest to God tried to get to bed at a decent hour. Hell, I can’t honestly tell you what I was edging to last night. Cherry and Mum, M. Anime, Pinterest? Even now, I’m sitting here with a massive case of Blue Balls. At least I’m not asleep. You can thank Succubus Lord 3 by Eric Vall for that. Now that feels good to say. Only while I got you here, I’ll probably be reading A.J. Markham next. Succubus 3 The Good, The Bad, And The Crazy Stupid Hot. I got so into today’s reading; I’m on 99%. Jacob has his own harem of beautiful Succubi to contend with. Ian has one, but they fool around with all sorts of women. Talk about a series that’s right up my alley Diana.

How wouldn’t it impact my writing? Fuck I need to take my mind off of Yabbos for a while. What and get stuck inside my head? NaNoWriMo is right around the corner, and yes, I’m sticking with the fruit. With my new Pinterest, I need to build up inspiration. But I haven’t found Kleenexing Knockers girl yet. If anything, I believe I will be killing more men in this novel anyway, Cherry and Mum’s clients. Will it be another rash of suicides? It’s like I’m killing myself right now, and for what exactly? My Masochism? However, I’ll say God is a sadist and why all the talk about God, you ask? I could be better off reading all the religious texts I’ve collected over the years. I need another story of hot monster women fucking?

I could get fucked come election day when I vote. Unless Melody Parker from Bipartisan Bonage comes knocking at the door. I’m voting for Biden, Harris. I have a hard time looking up, but with Yabbos, I wouldn’t worry about a MAGA hat. I haven’t been on my knees praying.

So Will’s Bipartisan Bedtime Beliefs.

I Will Have No Fear

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