Gospel 154 ~For Will, The Holidays~

This time last week, I was scared to death of going into the “Day Job.” Now I feel the whole month of December is going to be that fear mixed with everything. Yet today, I started a Christmas book on top of being worried about… For Will, The Holidays

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Gospel 154 ~For Will, The Holidays~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now. This means during the season of giving, I should be out somewhere. How long did it take me to get from the bed to the loveseat in the den? Inspector Echo, I said I would get to bed before midnight? Well, that was a “damn” lie. Okay, take a breath, remember gratitude. As with most days, I’m discombobulated, even more so today, but at least I remembered it’s Wednesday, so small favors. I saved my Dæmon from getting his nail caught in his collar… Yes, a trip for grooming is coming.

It’s not like my Imp has any place to show off, though. As for me, I want to go back to bed and start reading my next Eric Vall novel. However, it is December. I must keep reminding myself of the time today. So here I have a bit of a confession. I HATE CHRISTMAS.

Now that seems harsh, and again, I should be grateful. Not stealing Lady Sophia’s shine, but I’m glad that the sequel to that K Webster novel I read isn’t out. I lack the guts to go back to A.J. Markam titles. I’m heavy into Eric Vall’s books, my absolute favorites. Echo, what does this have to do with me hating the holidays? As a matter of fact, my form of celebrating is reading Christmas stories… with other elements mixed in. Currently, I’m reading something from Abby Knox. But yeah, the 4th circle of Hell SIGH.

When I was a child Inspector Echo, I never imagined life would turn out like this. I would help my mother trim the tree. My “father” and I would decorate the house. I would wake my sister up at 6:00 AM. Hell, I was unboxing my N64 before Christmas… sorry. Nowadays, Scrooge, the Grinch, I’ve never seen Krampus, but I want to subscribe to its newsletter. Let’s say, I understand. I’m trying Echo, I am.

Again I read Christmas books, I have a Spotify holiday playlist. They’re a few Christmas classics I like. Still nothing. Of course, I’ll be talking more about this, but today it’s been a rush of things. NaNoWriMo ended, and I hate my story. The Dæmon is getting older, and I’m worried. Grammarly hit me hard. Yeah, pardon my language but eff you, Grammarly. Thanksgiving leftovers.

Most wonderful time, Bah Humbug, sorry. For Will, The Holidays.

I Will Have No Fear

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